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adam M . Mcbride Take Courage! Following the Savior in a Fallen World (Youth) 250 Spencer W. Kimball ower (SWKT)


overcoming Distractions to Discipleship Developing strength to bear lifes Challenges

Th f

sharing the Miracles of the Restored Gospel “Hold fasT to the Rod!” seeing the scriptures as a spiritual lifeline

andrew s . Gibbons and Russell T . osguthorpe The Skills of a Saint—Developing a Personal Plan for Gospel Growth and Progress 151 anner Building (TNRB)

11:10 a.m.–12:05 p.m.

Elder Jay E. Jensen Devotional Address

Tuesday, August 16 Marriott Center (MC)

stan G . Crippen Calming the Storms Within and Progressing toward Happiness W-111 Benson Building (BNSN)


Developing skills—a Key to Change and Improvement Key Techniques for Teaching and learning skills



Reaching a Deeper Understanding of skill to Develop Righteous and Constructive Practices Group skill—The benefits of acting in Concert with a Joint Purpose

Ronald e . bartholomew Developing Spiritual Strength—It’s What’s Inside That Counts 3220–3224 ilkinson Student Center (WSC)


The Power of the scriptures in Your Daily life learning to Receive and Recognize the Promptings of the spirit, Part 1

Th f

learning to Receive and Recognize the Promptings of the spirit, Part 2 learning to Receive and Recognize the Promptings of the spirit, Part 3

Clyde J . Williams Still More Insights I Missed the First 50 Times through the Book of Mormon 3280–3290 ilkinson Student Center (WSC)


2 nephi 2 and 9—Why the fall, the atonement and agency Mosiah 1–5—The Real Message of King benjamins address

W Th f

How to stay sane on the Road to Perfection Dealing with Hurt feelings—a Process of Growth Improving Communication—Is What You Heard What I Meant to say?

Richard o . Cowan Preparing for the Latter Days W-112 Benson Building (BNSN)

W Th f

The signs of the Times Recent events in the light of Prophecy Keys to Unlocking the Revelation of John

beverly Hyatt neville Stealth Appetites: Satisfying Our Hidden Hungers without Overeating 377 Clyde Building (CB)

W Th

ending Carbohydrate Cravings: balancing blood sugar Mistaking loneliness and boredom for Hunger:

11:10 a.m.


Understanding nutrient Density and satiety Distinguishing between Physical needs and Cravings: Developing

Positive food Habits

Th Helaman 1–6—The Dangers of secret Combinations and the need to


Remember 3 nephi 21–27—The Great sign of the Gathering and the Ministry of

the Three nephites

Hank R . smith The Power of Trust—How to Improve All of Your Relationships 2254 Conference Center (CONF)

s . Michael Wilcox Ennobling Truths, Edifying Revelations—Scriptural Teachers That Lift the Soul Ballroom, ilkinson Student Center (WSC)

W Th

The anatomy of High-Trust Relationships: Candid Communication The anatomy of High-Trust Relationships: Connecting with


Consistency The anatomy of High-Trust Relationships: a Culture of Compassion


lehi—The Philosophy of Joy: Choosing, acting, becoming free The Prophet Joseph smith—How and Whom We Worship: Patiently attaining the Glory of God

Th f

solomon—a Time for everything: Discovering the fulfilled life alma the Younger—Tasting light: satisfying Mans Insatiable Hunger for Truth

Patrick D . Degn Covenant Closeness: The Messianic Bridegroom and His Bride arsity, ilkinson Student Center (WSC)

scott M . Peterson Retire Right: A Guide to Making the Best Financial Decisions at Retirement 2258–2260 Conference Center (CONF) (see page 52 for notice regarding finance classes .)

W Th

opportunities and Challenges facing the Retiring baby boomer The savvy social security Plan—What baby boomers need to Know to


Maximize social security Income Managing Your Investments to last through Retirement


legal ethics in business Transactions—It’s not an oxymoron (Kevin R.

Th f

Pinegar) (11:10 a .m .–12:10 p .m .) Continuation of 9:50 a .m .–12:05 p .m . class . Reasons for Civility (James D. Gordon III) (11:10 a.m.–12:10 p.m.)

Continuing Legal Education Classes (see page 45 for the schedule and additional information) 214 Crabtree Building (CTB)

Marvin a . Goldstein and Vanessa Joy Beautiful Music Brings a Heavenly Peace to the Home Atmosphere de Jong, Harris Fine Arts Center (HFAC)


biblical Marriage Customs: a Type for Christ and His People “as a Woman Travaileth”: bringing forth Zion and Growing in Grace

Th f

The epistle of 1 John: a Handbook for the bridegroom and His bride Ruth: The Romance of Redemption

W Th f

Music Gives Courage and strength experiencing new Insights through Music beautiful Music That Honors the lord Jesus Christ


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