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Michael W . allred It’s Time for a Spiritual Tune-up (Youth) East Floo , Smith Fieldhouse (SFH)

W Th f

Did You Hear That? feeling and following the Promptings of the spirit Repentance: baby steps to a lengthened stride lighten Your load: learning to forgive

brian G . andre Messages from Home: Things Heavenly Father Wants Us to Always Remember (Youth) 250 Spencer W. Kimball ower (SWKT)


Remember, stay Close to Your Heavenly Home! It’s Just a Prayer or a

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Prompting away Remember, He is Waiting with open arms (3 nephi 9:14) Remember, Dare to share (Your light Will Change lives!)

alex l . baugh, William G . Hartley, Jeffrey n . Walker The Best of BYU Studies 151 anner Building (TNRB)

W Th f

The administrative Genius of the Church (William G . Hartley) The Truth about the Kirtland safety society (Jeffrey n. Walker) a Key Document in the Priesthood succession from Joseph smith (alex

l . baugh)

Ronald e . bartholomew The Family Proclamation and Latter-day Scripture: What Do the Standard Works Say about the Gospel Principles Taught in the Proclamation? 3220–3224 ilkinson Student Center (WSC)


The family Proclamation and the Doctrine and Covenants and Church

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History The family Proclamation and the book of Mormon The family Proclamation and the bible and the Pearl of Great Price

Mark D . ogletree Know Them That Labor Among You: The Present-day Quorum of the Twelve Apostles (continued from Monday) 3280–3290 ilkinson Student Center (WSC)

W Th f

elder Richard G. scott and elder M. Russell ballard elder Dallin H. oaks and elder Russell M. nelson elder l. Tom Perry and President boyd K. Packer

susan easton black Latter-day Saint Women Make a Difference Ballroom, ilkinson Student Center (WSC)

W Th f

lDs Women of nauvoo lDs Women of Deseret lDs Women on the national scene

Karen P . bastow and Pat Westaway Square Foot Gardening: No Weeding, No Digging, No Tilling, No Kidding!


ilkinson Student Center (WSC)

W Th

Getting started with the basics: Planning, boxes, aisles, soil, and Grids Getting started with the basics: Care, selecting Crops, Planting,


Watering, and Harvesting a Garden for all seasons: extending the Growing Period; Growing Up,

not out; Protection; and Perennial Crops


12:30–1:25 p.m.

Jack W . Welch Discovering the Plan of Salvation in Jesus’ Parables W-111 Benson Building (BNSN)


Divine authority in the Parable of the Willing and Unwilling Two sons The Plan of salvation in the Parable of the Good samaritan

Th f

The arms of the atonement in the Parable of the Prodigal son Parables of apostasy, Restoration, second Coming, and final Judgment

Richard o . Cowan Temples to Dot the Earth W-112 Benson Building (BNSN)


The latter-day Restoration of Temple service: line upon line latter-day saints Temples as symbols

Th f

Temple Dedications: Inspired Prayers and Inspiring occasions Temples are Dotting the earth

Paul R . Warner Divine Answers to Life Challenges; and Striving for Sanctification 377 Clyde Building (CB)



Divine answers to life Challenges striving for sanctification

ann lambson Educating the Soul: Our Zion Tradition of Faith and Learning 377 Clyde Building (CB)

Thursday–friday Th The Glorious Dream of Zion: a World Made More


Heavenly by educating the soul an education of the Whole soul—Karl G . Maeser and Charting the Church’s educational Course

12:30 p.m.

freeman C . andersen, Kathleen fowles, David C . Handy, Toni Handy, Donald l . Hilton, Marvin e . Wiggins, nannette n . Wiggins Healing from Addiction: Understanding Addiction and the Addiction Recovery Program of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 2254 Conference Center (CONF)




How all addictions “Hijack” the brain: Who is at Risk? (Donald l . Hilton) The lDs addiction Recovery Program to Help spouses and family Members Who Have a loved one in addiction: alcohol, Drugs, Pornography, etc . (Toni Handy) The lDs addiction Recovery Program to Help Those Who are in


addiction: alcohol, Drugs, Pornography, etc . (David C . Handy) How the lDs addiction Recovery Program Works (Marvin e . Wiggins, nannette n . Wiggins, Kathleen fowles, freeman C . andersen)

edwin e . Gantt Sifting the Sacred from the Secular in Psychology and Everyday Life 2258–2260 Conference Center (CONF)


sifting by the spirit and by the Intellect—“even by study and also by


faith” Maintaining a Moral foundation—Countering Contemporary

Th f

Psychology’s secularism and naturalism Moral agency, accountability, and Meaning Therapy and the atonement of Jesus Christ

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