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Richard b . Miller Healing Distressed Marital Relationships 446 Martin Building (MARB)

laurie a . Reeve Organizing Solutions for Busy Moms 3220–3224 ilkinson Student Center (WSC)


Changing Relationship Momentum looking Inward for answers

Th f

The Healing Power of forgiveness Rebuilding love

barry J . ewell Learn to Become the “Sherlock Holmes” of Family History Research 455 Martin Building (MARB)


organizing solutions for busy Moms: oRGanIZe Your food storage


so You Can Use It organizing solutions for busy Moms: Create Meals in Minutes Using

the once-a-Month Cooking Method Th organizing solutions for busy Moms: organize Your Children for Your


Peace and Their success organizing solutions for busy Moms: eliminate Paper Piles, late fees,

and lost bills by Creating organizing systems That Work for You


If sherlock Holmes Were a Genealogist—exploring the Main steps to solving a Mystery learn to find and Use Clues in Vital Records and events


Th f

learn to find and Use Clues in family Records learn to find and Use Clues in Civil Records

C . Robert line “Parables of Redemption”: How the Parables of Jesus Help Us to Better Understand and Apply the Atonement 3280–3290 ilkinson Student Center (WSC)

Gordon a . Madsen The Law in the Life of Joseph Smith 456 Martin Building (MARB)

T W Th f

The Parable of the Prodigal son The Parable of the laborers in the Vineyard The Parable of the Talents The Parable of the Two Debtors

T W Th f

first exposures to the law: Personal and family Defending Himself and the Church The law Used as a Tool of Persecution The law as a shield

susan easton black Jesus is the Christ Ballroom, ilkinson Student Center (WSC)

John l . and lani o . Hilton Guy-Girl Relationships: Advice From the Scriptures (Youth) East Floo , Smith Fieldhouse (SFH)

T W Th f

The Road to bethlehem In strength and Wisdom The Miracles The last Week of the savior’s Mortal Ministry

T W Th f

Guy-Girl Relationships: advice from the scriptures Guy-Girl Relationships: advice from the scriptures—Part II expect the Respect Is Kissing okay? and other Questions about Morality

Karen P . bastow Provident Gardening—Becoming More Self-Sufficient through Growing Your Own Food


ilkinson Student Center (WSC)

Darren e . schmidt “Draw Near unto Me” (Youth) 250 Spencer W. Kimball ower (SWKT)

T W Th f

a Teenage Guide to Personal Revelation a Teenage Guide to the Discovery of self—sons and Daughters of God a Teenage Guide to Righteous living a Teenage Guide to Dealing with adversity

elwin Robison The Best of BYU Studies—Building the Salt Lake Tabernacle: Armies, Agents, Architects, and Acoustics 151 anner Building (TNRB)

T W Th

a bounteous Harvest—Gardening Tips and Hints edible landscaping and Container Gardening Gardening Inside out—Harvesting, saving seeds,


Perennial Crops, Grow lights for Indoors, Tunnels for outdoors Raised-bed Gardening—less Work, Higher Yield

1:50–2:45 p.m.

Jack W . Welch Latter-day Lessons from the Life and Letters of Peter W-111 Benson Building (BNSN)

1:50 p.m.

Tuesday only


building the salt lake Tabernacle: armies, agents, architects, and acoustics

Thomas e . sherry The Best of BYU Studies—The Prophet Joseph Smith’s Translation of the Bible 151 anner Building (TNRB)



The apostolic Commission (acts 1–6) The organization of the early Church (acts 8–15)

Th f

Decoding the epistle of 1 Peter: The King James Version and beyond Peter’s farewell in 2 Peter: one of the Prophet Joseph smith’s favorite scriptures

Ryan K . eggett Building the Family You Have Always Wanted W-112 Benson Building (BNSN)


becoming Your best self Marriage: building love That lasts

Th f

love Your Children and Have Them love You back Teach Your Children in a Way They Will never forget

W Th

The Miracle of the Holy bible and Its need for Restoration The Prophet Joseph smith’s Translation of the bible: Why and How It


Was Made The “Rest of the story”: Robert J. Matthews and How the latter-day

saint Church Regained Use of Joseph smith’s Translation of the bible

Christi Crosby bergin Becoming a Better Parent 377 Clyde Building (CB)


Raising emotionally Healthy Children Teaching Children self-Control, and Using effective Discipline

Th f

Raising Kind, Helpful, likable Children enjoying living with Teenagers


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