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DRESS STANDARDS all students are required to uphold bYU standards of dress and conduct while attending education Week . The dress and groom- ing of men, women, and youth should always be modest, neat, and clean—consistent with the standards of brigham Young University and The Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day saints . Clothing should be modest in fabric, fit, and style and appropriate for the occasion. Skirts, dresses, and shorts should be knee length or longer. Women must have a knee-length or longer hem- line even if “leggings” are worn. Clothing which is sleeveless, strapless, or revealing is not acceptable. Shoes should be worn in public campus areas. For women, excessive ear piercings (more than one per ear) and all other body piercings are not acceptable. For men, earrings and other body piercings are not acceptable. No baggy/saggy pants; pants must be worn at the waist.

Please help us maintain a spirit of learning and testimony through the way you dress and conduct yourself during education Week .

because of the distances between classrooms, we urge you to wear comfortable walking shoes . Come prepared for changeable weather .

assessInG YoUR HealTH

before attending the program, please carefully assess your own health condition in light of the rigors of heat, altitude, large crowds, stairs, and sometimes long walking distances between classes .

EMERGENCY HEALTH CARE for the most immediate emergency response while at the program, you may call 801-422-2222 to reach brigham Young University Police; or you may always call 911 for emergency services .

The student Health Center (sHC) is available to education Week students in case of accident or sudden illness . The regular business hours are 8:00 a .m . to 5:30 p .m . Monday through friday and 8:00 a .m . to noon saturday . each individual is responsible for pay- ment of all services rendered upon treatment . The student Health Center is not a Medicare or Medicaid provider . Proof of registra- tion in Campus education Week is needed for services .

INFORMATION DESKS Information desks are located at the Wilkinson student Center Garden Court, at the Marriott Center, and at several outdoor loca- tions across campus . Hosting staff will also be stationed at conve- nient places to assist and direct you .

INFORMATION UPDATES Daily updates, available Tuesday through friday mornings at the information desks, will list any class changes and other important information and events of the day . be sure to check the updates closely and note changes .


With the exception of the Marriott Center, no food or drink may be consumed in the classrooms, including the smith fieldhouse .


NO RECORDING OF LECTURES No tape recorders or other recording devices, please! Please cooperate and do not bring recording devices to the classrooms. battery- operated laptop computers may be used.

*IMPORTANT INFORMATION ON FINANCIAL CLASSES The information presented in Campus education Week financial classes is intended as general information to assist you in making better-informed decisions and should not be relied on as a sub- stitute for professional advice on your future financial planning. We recommend that before making any investment, insurance, or financial commitment, you consult with your own financial advisor. neither Campus education Week nor brigham Young University accepts any responsibility for decisions students make based on information presented in these classes.

**PERSONAL COUNSELING RESTRICTIONS You are welcome to speak with faculty members after their pre- sentations; however, please do not request personal counseling or assistance from the faculty. Individuals should seek counsel and assistance from their local priesthood leaders (or clergy) on per- sonal problems or concerns .

USE OF CELL PHONES The sound of cell phones in the classes is very distracting . Please be considerate of your fellow students by not using cell phones in the classrooms .

ASSISTANCE WITH DISABILITIES We are committed to providing a learning atmosphere that reason- ably accommodates persons with disabilities who are otherwise qualified. Prior to registration, you are invited to discuss your individual situation with the program coordinator. o make special arrangements, please call by Monday, July 18.

standard lDs hearing-impaired receivers on the “Red” channel (Channel a) will work in the Marriott Center. If you bring your personal receiver, headset, and batteries, your set will operate in the Marriott Center. If you need technical assistance with your set, see the sound engineers at the sound booth inside Portal H . several buildings on campus are set up for receivers, which may be checked out in room 2170 Wilkinson student Center (WsC).

LOST AND FOUND any article found should be taken to the hosting table in the building where it is found. at the end of each day, all articles will be taken to the lost and found office, 1055 Wilkinson student Center (WsC). The lost and found office (phone 801-422-

  • 3024)

    will be open Monday through friday, 9:00 a .m . to 5:00

    • p .

      m ., and saturday from 8:00 a .m . to noon . found name badges

should be taken to the nearest hosting table. You can check for a lost name badge by calling 801-422-6214 or visiting the WsC Garden Court .

LOST PEOPLE each year there are people who need to find a person from their group. To avoid becoming lost, decide on a specific meeting place and time for your group in case of separation. Make sure each member of your group knows where to meet, or that those at home know where you will be and how to reach you.

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