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NO PRIVATE VENDORS OR FLYERS Distribution of flyers or advertising brochures of any type is pro- hibited on university property . likewise, no private vendors are allowed on university property .


To check e-mail or take care of other computer tasks while on cam- pus, the computer labs in 1111 WSC and in 4840 HBLL will be available to Campus Education Week participants from August 15–19, 2011. The labs will be open from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., and lab assistants will be on hand if help is needed.

WIRELESS ACCESS WHILE ON CAMPUS education Week participants are offered guest access to the Internet via “Wireless network accessfrom student common areas on campus (this service is noT available in the classrooms or in student housing areas) . Where available, this access is offered at no charge to education Week guests during the program, but education Week makes no guarantee of service .

“Wireless Hot spotsare located in student common areas in the asb, Cb, CTb, fb, HfaC, Hbll, HCeb, JRCb, Mb, MCKb, sab, sfH, snlb, TlRb, TMCb, TnRb, and WsC . additional information about locations is available at http://it.byu.edu .

The guest wireless network is a nonsecured connection . Participants are advised to use caution when sending confidential information over a wireless network .

To gain access to the wireless network, choose bYUGUesT from the list of available networks on your computer .* The first time you open an Internet browser such as Internet explorer, firefox, or safari, the network terms of use will be displayed . Please read these carefully . To accept the conditions, click on the “oK” but- ton . You will need to repeat this process each day, and whenever you change locations .

limited assistance is available at the education Week Help Desk (located in the WsC Garden Court) for those who have dif- ficulty accessing the wireless network . Help Desk hours during the program are from 7:30 a .m .–5:00 p .m . on Monday and 7:30 a .m .–8:30 p .m . Tuesday–friday . for hardware issues, the bYU bookstore has a computer repair center that may be able to assist you for a fee .

*How to access the list of available networks:

Windows: Click on the wireless icon in your system tray in the lower right corner of your desktop, if available . or choose Start ->Connect

o: -> Show all connections .

Mac: Click on the wireless icon in the upper right corner of your desk- top, verify that your “airPort” is on, then choose Join other net- work ->Show Networks.

TRansPoRTaTIon anD PaRKInG InfoRMaTIon

PARKING Parking areas for education Week students are shown on the map (inside back cover) . note signs in each lot and do noT park in red zones; in spaces designated for service vehicles, disabled per- sons, or other specified personnel; in timed zone slots; or outside painted parking stalls . Vehicles parked in unauthorized areas will be ticketed or towed away at the owner’s expense .


New for 2011—Direct (and expanded) shuttle service from the West Stadium Lot to campus! See map on page 67.

Please note that all efforts to carpool will be helpful . be pre- pared to utilize the perimeter parking lots . for RV parking, see Recreational Vehicle Parking under “Housing Informationbelow .

COURTESY SHUTTLE VANS To assist senior and disabled students, courtesy vans will run between on-campus housing and campus buildings between the hours of 8:00 a .m . and 4:45 p .m . on Monday; 8:00 a .m . and 10:00 p .m . on Tuesday, Wednesday, and friday; and 8:00 a .m . and 11:00 p .m . on Thursday . The van routes are designed to take you to key destination points, but cannot take you directly to the door . Please realize that it is an individual responsibility to move from class to class or to your place of residence .

shuttles will also run between the perimeter parking lots and the main campus at regular intervals . Van stops are indicated on the campus map (inside back cover), and large detailed maps of the routes will be posted at each stop and at the education Week information desks .

New for 2011—Direct (and expanded) shuttle service from the West Stadium Lot to campus! See map on page 67.

one wheelchair-accessible van is available . To contact the driver of this van, call 801-372-7248 and tell the driver at which shuttle stop you are located .

AIRLINE FLIGHTS airline flights may be arranged through bYU Travel Management services by calling 801-422-3872 . Mention that you are attend- ing the Campus education Week program . express shuttle offers ground transportation from the salt lake City International airport to any location in the Provo/orem area . for information, prices, and reservations, call 800-397-0773 .

PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION (UTA BUSES) express buses run from salt lake City to Provo/orem through- out the day, with stops at various points along the way . The express bus stops one block west of bYU for those coming to campus . Utah County students may ride the bus to campus from many places throughout the valley . scheduled local bus routes include stops east of the Wilkinson student Center . Call 888-743-3882 for time schedules and information . You can also visit the website, www .rideuta .com, for information .


Because of limited campus parking, we encourage those living with- in daily driving distance to carpool with friends or ride the bus.

HoUsInG InfoRMaTIon

ON-CAMPUS HOUSING because on-campus housing space is limited, it is initially filled by application only . Instructions on how to submit housing applica- tions by telephone and over the Internet are printed in the hous- ing newsletter mailed in March . newsletters are mailed to Campus education Week participants of the past three years and others who have requested to be on the mailing list . You may call 801-422-8925 before august 5 at 5:00 p .m . to check current availability .

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