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The following are answers to questions students most frequently ask about Campus education Week . We hope these responses will be informative and helpful in answering questions and concerns about education Week .

ARE EVALUATION FORMS READ AND SUGGESTIONS CONSIDERED? each evaluation form and letter is read by one of the Campus education Week staff members . Many changes made from year to year are in response to those questions and suggestions . However, some of the changes you would like to see may not have been implemented . The following examples show some of the dilemmas posed by suggestions received each year—

Please enforce the rules . Don’t be so rigid in enforcing the rules .

Tell parents to leave their children at home . let me bring my children .

Have more classes to spread the people out and give more of a choice . Don’t have so many classes at once .

learning experience memorable and motivating . We enforce the policy of no children in the classrooms because children under 14 may easily become disinterested and disruptive . also, babies have their own needs that they often make known in fairly noisy ways, disrupting other students . for these reasons, we instruct the room hosts/hostesses not to admit children under 14 or individuals with babies to the classrooms . brigham Young University’s Division of Continuing education offers programs at other times of the year for children under the age of 14 . We hope that some of the needs of this age group can be met through these programs .

WHY ARE CAMPUS EDUCATION WEEK NAME BADGES NONTRANSFERABLE? football games, drama productions, and moviesa ticket to these events provides the right to a seat . However, education Week is an educational program, and each student must be registered in order to attend . In addition, the handling of mailings, housing assign- ments, refunds, specific questions, and emergency situations (that may arise involving Campus education Week students) is enhanced by individual registration . Therefore, we need to know who really is here attending classes .

Don’t allow seat saving; ask those who save seats to leave the class . allow us to save seats .

Keep adults out of the youth classes . let adults attend the youth classes .

enforce dress standards . let us wear what we want .

Change the age limit to 12 . Change the age limit to 18 .

With over 20,000 students and the same number of personal preferences, not all students will be completely satisfied . We will continue to do all we can to improve the program and to help it fill each student’s needs .

WHY CAN’T I RECORD THE LECTURES? In planning education Week, we try to get the finest teachers, and as much as possible, give you direct contact with them . In record- ing, we run the risk of copyright violations on printed or recorded material . Copyrights, as you may know, can cover not just printed works but also ideas, arrangements, and other creative works . It is easy to unintentionally break copyright laws . also, there have been occurrences where a teacher’s recorded comments were later taken out of context, creating a meaning the teacher never intended . To avoid complications in these areas, we have decided not to allow the audio or video recording of presentations . This is an adminis- trative decision and is not at the discretion of the teacher, so please don’t impose on teachers by asking them to break this policy .

WHY IS CAMPUS EDUCATION WEEK HELD AT THIS TIME OF THE YEAR? We realize that the dates the program is held may present signifi- cant scheduling conflicts (i .e ., vacation, children starting school, child care, etc .) for those who would like to attend . However, we want to provide the finest educational experience possible for the maximum number of people . To do that, we need the entire bYU campus . since this campus is the most used college campus in the United states (with classes every weekday, evening classes and activities every weeknight, saturday conferences, and sunday church services), we don’t have many scheduling options . The only way we can offer a program the size of education Week is to squeeze it tightly between august commencement and the begin- ning of fall semester . The university calendar does not have any other week available during the year .

WHY CAN’T WE BRING BABIES AND CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 14? We realize, as you do, that many people schedule their entire year’s vacation around education Week . They spend their savings and often travel hundreds of miles to attend . because of such sacrifices, we feel a responsibility to provide an atmosphere that makes this

WHY DON’T YOU USE LARGER ROOMS? We already use the largest rooms on campus . With the many rooms on this campus, only 7 (including the Marriott Center) hold more than 500 people and only 7 hold 300 to 500 . This is one of the reasons we offer many classes each hour and utilize most of the rooms that hold 200 or more students .

WHY DON’T YOU PUT POPULAR SPEAKERS IN LARGER ROOMS? When scheduling the rooms for education Week, we take into consideration a myriad of factors so we can provide the facilities that will best suit the students and the teacher . We try to anticipate as many elements as we can, including past class attendance, pre- dictions on the appeal of new topics/faculty, and teacher prefer- ence and availability . While we already schedule the largest rooms on campus, we honestly do not know beforehand when a teacher will draw a crowd larger than the room capacity will accommodate .


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