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WHY DON’T YOU REPEAT POPULAR CLASSES? Most often, we do not know when a class will be “popular” or when there will not be enough room to accommodate all who want to attend a particular class . since the class schedule is finalized before the program, if a class does overflow during education Week, we cannot set up another class as a repeat—all of the rooms are scheduled for other classes, and the faculty usually have other commitments .

WHY CAN’T I SAVE SEATS? We spend a lot of time considering options that allow for a fair dis- tribution of seating . first-come, first-served is not a perfect answer, but it is the best one we have been able to come up with . so if one of your fellow students has planned and organized so he or she can be in the seat next to you, don’t deny him or her the privilege . Instead of saving the seat next to you for a friend, you could save your friendship for whomever is in the seat! This new acquaintance may be a highlight of your education Week experience .

WHY CAN’T I EAT OR DRINK IN CLASS? It is distracting to experience the rustle of sandwich wrappers, the crunch of an apple, or the whiff of pastrami during a lecture . The majority of your fellow students have planned their mealtimes accordingly so they can enjoy the lecture with no distractions . The custodial crews also appreciate not having to deal with spilled drinks and other “munchie” refuse .

WHY DON’T YOU HAVE LUNCH AND DINNER BREAKS? In fact, we did try that at one time . but everyone went to dinner at the same time, and the lines and confusion were tremendous . Many students complained that they came to education Week to learn, not to eat, and they were upset because we did not offer classes throughout the day . even if we were to eliminate some classes in order to provide meal breaks, we might cut your favorite ones! This way, the choice is all yours .

WHAT IF THE CLASS I’VE CHOSEN IS FULL? Many people have had the experience described by this education Week student: “When I couldn’t get in the class I wanted, I went into any class close by that had room . I found it to be just as excit- ing and informative as the first-choice class . every class was good .” You may discover whole new areas of interest—and that is part of what education Week is all about .

WHY CAN’T I BRING AN ExTRA CHAIR INTO THE CLASSROOM IF ALL THE SEATS ARE TAKEN? Many of us would be willing to stand in the back of the room for the entire lecture or sit on the cold, hard floor for the opportunity to hear our favorite teachers . However, there are building, safety, and fire codes that will not allow us to pack a room beyond its legal seating capacity . so if the class you want is full, do as the stu- dent above did—take it as a challenge to find an equally stimulat- ing class where there will be a seat welcoming you .



WHY ARE SO MANY PARKING SPACES RESERVED FOR FACULTY AND STAFF? brigham Young University is a professional business entity that operates year-round . although education Week is held between regular bYU semesters, the function of the university contin- ues . over 2,000 full-time employees, plus faculty and part-time employees, need to be able to get to work each day so they can keep the university operating and serve your various needs while you are here . for this reason, we have designated specific parking areas for education Week students and ask you to observe and respect the parking areas reserved for bYU employees . also, please note that painted curbs, yellow lines, handicap zones, and staff zones are restricted for special use . each year we find that there is plenty of parking just west of the football stadium . We encourage you to carpool or use public transportation—the bus stops right at the Wilkinson student Center .

New for 2011—Direct (and expanded) shuttle service from the West Stadium Lot to campus! See map on page 67.

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