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Adair, Diane Done Homemaker; former seminary and institute teacher; Ma in education . (12, 22)

Adams, John A. Managing Director, Ray, Quinney & nebeker; JD . (19)

Alford, Kenneth L. associate professor of Church history and doctrine, bYU; PhD in computer science . (20, 22, 24)

Allred, Ellen Director, bachelor of General studies, bYU; PhD in university administration . (24)

Allred, Michael W. Instructor, seminaries and Institutes of Religion; author; master’s in family and human development; Maed in counseling . (25, 29, 31)

Andersen, Freeman C. laboratory supervisor, Physics and astronomy Department, bYU; bs in physics . (25)

Andersen, Ron L. Manager of field operations, lDs Church; Med in guid- ance and counseling . (19, 21)

Anderson, Angelle Homemaker; author, lecturer; ba in elementary educa- tion . (38)

Anderson, Christian B. Counselor at MTC Clinical services/lDs family services; MsW . (30, 32)

Anderson, Lili D. self-employed marriage and family counselor; former instructor, school of family life, bYU; PhD in marriage and family . (30, 32)

Anderson, Scott L. Instructor, seminaries and Institutes of Religion; PhD in marriage and family therapy . (40, 41)

Andre, Brian G. Coordinator, Costa Mesa California Institute of Religion; volunteer photographer and designer for Rising star outreach and the Care for life foundation; bfa in visual communications . (25, 26)

Ashby, Devin R. Community advocate, family History Department, lDs Church; Med in educational leadership . (13)

Bair, Ted M. Retired seminaries and Institutes instructor; former mission president; PhD in sociology of marriage . (39, 40, 41)

Barkdull, Larry W. author; president, Gospel Ideals International; president, barkdull Marketing, Inc . (30)

Barley, Dean E. associate director, Clinical services, bYU Comprehensive Clinic; PhD in counseling psychology . (19)

Barrington, Rex L. assistant director, Performing arts Management, bYU; Ms in administrative management . (38)

Bartholomew, Ronald E. Instructor, seminaries & Institutes of Religion, Utah Valley University; PhD in sociology of education . (21, 23, 25)

Bastian, Debbie Anselmi singer/songwriter of the musical trio Heartbound; motivational speaker; cofounder of “aspire Higher” motivational seminars; ba in elementary education . (21, 24)

Bastow, Karen P. author; master gardener, certified square foot Gardening instructor; director of gardening resources, Reach the Children, Inc .; adminis- trative assistant, lDs family services . (25, 27)

Baugh, Alex L. Professor of Church history and doctrine, bYU; PhD in american history . (25)

Beecher, Mark E. seminary and Institutes of Religion Principal, Westlake (UT) High school seminary; MsW . (40, 41)

Belnap, W. Dean Clinical professor emeritus of psychiatry, University of Utah; psychiatric consultant, Missionary Department, lDs Church; faaP and faPa in pediatrics and child adolescent psychiatry . (28)

Bennett, Richard E. associate dean and professor, Religious education, bYU; PhD in lDs Church history and doctrine . (32, 37)

Benson, Kimball freshman programs manager, Harold b . lee library, bYU; online instructor, bYU–I; Ms in mass communications (12)

Bergin, Christi Crosby associate research professor at University of Missouri; PhD in child development . (27)

Beutler, Ivan F. Professor, school of family life, bYU; PhD in family resource management . (19)

Beutler, Lucy B. Director, Harringtongates; bs in home economics educa- tion . (19)


Black, Susan Easton Professor of Church history and doctrine, bYU; author; edD in educational psychology . (25, 27)

Bokovoy, David E. Part-time faculty, bYU Religious education; seminary Instructor, south salt lake City area; PhD in Hebrew bible . (32)

Bolingbroke, Treena J. Parking supervisor, bYU Police Department; CeRT trained . (38)

Bothell, Timothy W. Manager of mission assessment, Missionary Department, lDs Church; PhD in instructional psychology and technology . (24)

Bott, Randy L. Teaching professor of Church history and doctrine, bYU; edD in educational leadership . (29)

Boyack, Merrilee A. author; professional lecturer; estate-planning attorney; JD . (22, 26)

Braithwaite, Scott R. assistant professor of psychology, bYU; PhD in clini- cal psychology . (24)

Brimhall, Andrew S. assistant professor, counseling family therapy, saint louis (Mo) University; PhD in marriage and family therapy . (31, 32)

Brisson-Banks, Claire V. Research consultant and technology specialist, family History library; master’s in library and information science . (37)

Brown, Lora Beth associate professor of nutrition, dietetics, and food sci- ence, bYU; edD in secondary education . (26)

Bryant, Russ W. senior associate director, Independent study, bYU; bs in business administration . (24)

Bytheway, John G. Part-time instructor, Religious education, bYU; Ma in religious education . (31, 37)

Castillow, Curtis R. seminary instructor, Church educational system; PhD in instructional technology and learning science . (20)

Cavender, Jonathan A. Managing shareholder, Cavender & Phillips, PllC; JD . (19)

Chapman, Thomas G. Director, boston Institute, seminaries and Institutes of Religion; edD in adult learning and technology . (31)

Christensen, David A. Continuing education instructor, bYU; retired instructor, seminaries and Institutes of Religion; edD in education . (13, 21)

Christensen, David S. Co-president, nearon enterprises; master’s in public and private management . (31)

Christensen, Lauralee Vice president, The Womens Information network (The WIn); TV guest expert and public speaker on strengthening the family; ba in elementary education . (26)

Christensen, T.C. film director; director of photography, american society of Cinematographers; bs in cinematography . (24)

Clark, Robert S. attorney, Parr brown Gee & loveless; JD . (21, 28)

Cowan, Richard O. Professor of Church history and doctrine, bYU; PhD in history . (23, 25)

Crippen, Stan G. Teacher; educational consultant for Real educational solutions; Ms in marriage, family, and child therapy . (23, 31)

Cross, Timothy G. Product manager, family and Church History Department, lDs Church; bs in information management . (22)

Davis, Richard Professor, political science, bYU; PhD in political science . (30)

Degn, Patrick D. seminary teacher and institute instructor, seminaries and Institutes of Religion; ba in history and classical studies . (21, 23)

Denney, Betsy Part-time faculty, ballroom dance, bYU; ba in ballroom dance . (39, 40, 41)

Denney, Karson B. Teaching assistant, Department of Dance, bYU; bs in geography, global studies . (39, 40, 41)

Douglas, Rebecca P. President and founder, Rising star outreach; teacher; humanitarian service provider . (24, 26)

Duncan, Stephen F. Professor of family life, bYU; PhD in family studies . (30, 32)

Dushku, Alexander attorney, Kirton & McConkie, JD . (26)

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