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Jones, James J. President/Ceo, familyhood education foundation; author; parenting seminar leader; Ma in marriage, family, and child therapy; PhD in counseling psychology . (13)

Jorgensen, Louise B. licensed professional counselor, lDs family services; PhD candidate in counseling . (28)

Joy, Vanessa Classic vocalist, recording artist, songwriter, producer, perform- er; ba in music . (23)

Karren, Keith J. Retired professor of health science, bYU; PhD in health sci- ence . (28)

Kearl, Jim Professor of economics and director of Jerusalem Center, bYU; PhD in economics . (19)

Knapton, Ken S. III IT director, lDs Church; Mba . (13, 20)

Knowlton, Benjamin J. seminary principal, seminaries and Institutes of Religion; master’s degree in public administration . (40)

Lambson, Ann Head of education, Museum of art, bYU; Ma in art history and curatorial studies . (25)

Latimer, Brett H. faculty, american heritage, history, and religion, bYU salt lake Center; Ma in church-state studies . (19, 21, 32)

LeCheminant, J. Douglas Counseling program manager, lDs family services; MsW . (13)

Line, C. Robert Instructor, seminaries and Institutes of Religion; part-time religion faculty, bYU; editor; PhD in sociology of religion . (27, 29)

Livingstone, John P. associate professor, Church History and Doctrine Department, bYU; edD in counseling psychology . (26)

Ludlow, Jared W. associate professor of ancient scripture, bYU; PhD in near eastern religions . (12, 13)

Ludlow, Victor L. Professor of ancient scripture and past coordinator of near eastern studies, bYU; bible scholar and specialist on the Middle east; PhD in near eastern and Judaic studies . (28, 30)

Lundberg, Gary B. licensed marriage and family therapist; author; Ma in marriage and family therapy . (39)

Lundberg, Joy author, songwriter, poet; homemaker . (39)

Madsen, Ann N. senior lecturer of ancient scripture, bYU, teaching empha- sis: Isaiah; member of the sunday school General board; Ma in ancient studies with a minor in Hebrew . (12, 13)

Madsen, Gordon A. Retired attorney, coeditor of legal series, Joseph smith Papers Project; JD . (27)

Marsh, Scott C. Part-time faculty, Marriott school, bYU; owner, scott Marsh education Institute; author; financial advisor; Mba and Msfs in taxa- tion, investments, and economics . (13, 37, 38)

Marshall, Jack S. Instructor, seminaries and Institutes of Religion; Med in education . (31, 39)

Martin, G. Shad Principal, seminaries and Institutes of Religion; Ma in fam- ily and human development . (37, 39)

Martin, G. Sheldon Instructor, seminary and Institutes of Religion; MsC in mental health counseling . (39)

McBride, Adam M. Coordinator, seminaries and Institutes of Religion in Harrisburg, Pa; Med in instructional technology . (23)

McConkie, David M. attorney, Kirton & McConkie; first counselor in the sunday school general presidency; JD . (24)

McGuire, Diana L. Retired teaching professor of nutrition, dietetics, and food science, bYU; Ms in nutritional science . (26)

McMillan, Ron Cofounder, Vitalsmarts; New ork Times best-selling coau- thor of Crucial Conversations and Influencer: The Power to Change Anything; Ms in organizational behavior . (22)

Miller, Kevin R. International leadership and communications consultant; personal coach; president of Visionbound International; Ms in both continuing education and secondary education . (38, 39, 40)

Miller, Richard B. Director and professor, school of family life, bYU; PhD in sociology and marriage and family therapy . (27, 29)


Millet, Robert L. abraham o . smoot University Professor and professor of ancient scripture, bYU; former dean of Religious education, bYU; PhD in reli- gious studies . (26, 29)

Miner, James Oneil Concert pianist, composer, entertainer; 2004 Instrumentalist of the Year award; Ms in public administration/educational administration . (32)

Miner, Kathy Headlee founder/Ceo, Mothers Without borders; interna- tional aid worker; motivational speaker; former volunteer teacher, seminaries and Institutes of Religion . (30)

Moseley, James D. small business owner; PhD in government . (38)

Moss, Shawnda L. associate lecturer, bYU; Ma in theatre for young audi- ences . (32)

Musgrave, Me’Chel Merrill singer/songwriter of the musical trio Heartbound; motivational speaker; cofounder of “aspire Higher” motivational seminars . (21, 24)

Neville, Beverly Hyatt Health promotion bureau manager, salt lake Valley Health Department; part-time faculty, bYU; PhD in health promotion and education . (23)

Norman, Robert J. Retired instructor, seminaries and Institutes of Religion; edD in higher education . (29)

Nuffer, David O. Magistrate judge, U .s . District Court (21)

Nyland, Nora associate professor and dietetics program director in nutrition, dietetics, and food science, bYU; PhD in institution management . (26)

Ogletree, Mark D. Visiting professor of Church history and doctrine, bYU; marriage and family therapist; Ceo of Treehouse associates, Inc .; author; PhD in family and human development . (13, 20, 25)

Osborne, Alice author; associate professor for stevens-Henager College; cofounder of national womens conference, The front Porch; Ma in education . (39, 41)

Osguthorpe, Russell T. Director of Center for Teaching and learning, bYU; sunday school general president; PhD in instructional psychology and technol- ogy . (23, 24)

Ostler, Craig James Professor of Church history and doctrine, bYU; former faculty at bYU Jerusalem Center; PhD in family studies . (26, 28)

Packer, Rand H. Retired instructor, seminaries and Institutes of Religion; Ceo, spousespice llC; Ma in Church history and doctrine . (12, 20)

Pahnke Taylor, Vickey founder, Goodness Matters nonprofit foundation; part-time instructor, Ces programs; author and songwriter; Ms in communica- tions . (12, 22, 24)

Parry, Donald W. Professor of Hebrew bible, bYU; Dead sea scrolls transla- tor; author; PhD in Hebrew bible . (28, 37)

Parry, Jay A. editor/writer, Church History Department; author; former editor, Deseret book and Ensign magazine; ba in english . (31, 37)

Patterson, Kerry J. Chief development officer, Vitalsmarts; New ork Times best-selling coauthor of Crucial Conversations and Influencer: The Power to Change Anything; Ms in organizational behavior . (22)

Pennington, Todd R. associate professor, bYU; PhD in curriculum and instruction: physical education pedagogy . (12)

Perry, Janice Kapp President of Prime Recordings; composer of gospel music . (30)

Petersen, Brad E. Chef, Chef brad’s events; author, teacher, public speaker . (12, 40, 41)

Peterson, Daniel C. Professor of Islamic studies and arabic, editor in chief of the Middle eastern Texts Initiative, and a director of the neal a . Maxwell Institute for Religious scholarship, bYU; PhD in arabic and Persian . (40)

Peterson, Kim M. Instructor, seminaries and Institutes of Religion, Cedar City, UT; PhD in educational leadership and innovation . (13)

Peterson, Scott M. Chartered financial consultant, Peterson financial; ba in international relations . (23)

Phillips, Kristy S. President, legalees Corporation; JD . (19) Phillips, Lee R. President, legalees Corporation; JD . (19)

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