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reimburse the mortgagee for any premiums paid for insurance made by the mortgagee on the mortgagor’s default in so insuring the buildings or in so assigning and delivering the policies.


That no building on the premises shall be altered, removed or demolished without the consent of the mortgagee.


That the whole of said principal sum and interest shall become due at the option of the mortgagee; after default in the payment of any installment of principal or of interest for fifteen days; or after default in the payment of any tax, water rate, sewer rent or assessment for thirty days after notice and demand; or after default after notice and demand either in assigning and delivering the policies insuring the buildings against loss by fire or in reimbursing the mortgagee for premiums paid on such insurance, as hereinbefore provided; or after default upon request in furnishing a statement of the amount due on the mortgage and whether any offsets or defenses exist against the mortgage debt, as hereinafter provided.  An assessment which has been made payable in installments at the application of the mortgagor or lessee of the premises shall nevertheless, for the purpose of this paragraph, be deemed due and payable in its entirety on the day the first installment becomes due or payable or a lien.


That the holder of this mortgage, in any action to foreclose it, shall be entitled to the appointment of a receiver.


That the mortgagor will pay all taxes, assessments, sewer rents or water rates, and in default thereof, the mortgagee may pay the same.


That the mortgagor within five days upon request in person or within ten days upon request by mail will furnish a written statement duly acknowledged of the amount due on this mortgage and whether any offsets or defenses exist against the mortgage debt.


That notice and demand or request may be in writing and may be served in person or by mail.


That the mortgagor warrants the title to the premises.


That the fire insurance policies required by paragraph No. 2 above shall contain the usual extended coverage endorsement; that in addition thereto the mortgagor, within thirty days after notice and demand, will keep the premises insured against war risk and any other hazard that may reasonably be required by the mortgagee.  All of the provisions of paragraphs No. 2 and No. 4 above relating to fire insurance and the provisions of Section 254 of the Real Property Law construing the same shall apply to the additional insurance required by this paragraph.


That in case of a foreclosure sale, said premises, or so much thereof as may be affected by this mortgage, may be sold in once parcel.


That if any action of proceeding be commenced (except an action to foreclosure this mortgage or to collect the debt secured thereby) to which action or proceeding the mortgagee is made a party, or in which it becomes necessary to defend or uphold the lien of this mortgage, all sums paid by the mortgagee for the expense of any litigation or prosecute or defend the rights and lien created by this mortgage (including reasonable counsel fees), shall be paid by the mortgagor, together with interest thereon at the rate of six per cent per annum, and any such sum and the interest thereon shall be a lien on said premises, prior to any right, or title to, interest in or claim upon said premises attaching or accruing subsequent to the lien of this mortgage, and shall be deemed to be secured by this mortgage.  In any action or proceeding to foreclose this mortgage, or to recover or collect the debt secured thereby, the provisions of law respecting the recovering of cost, disbursements and allowances shall prevail unaffected by the covenant.


That the mortgagor hereby assigns to the mortgagee the rents, issues and profits of the premises as further security for the payment of said indebtedness, and the mortgagor grants to the

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