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who he thought somewhat effeminate with its big soft eyes and floppy ears.  Unimpressed, Bambi felt more at home with his cousins, Gobo and Faline, and their mother, Ena.  The two families were about to separate when two stags with spreading antlers came crashing out of the forest.  It was obvious they had been at the goofy mushrooms again.  

Bambi's mother explained that the larger of the two lazy, good-for-nothings was his father.  As he grew older, Bambi had not only sampled all the root-plants of the woods, but he had developed a craving for hikers' sandwiches and knew just how to look helpless and forlorn enough to get second helpings.

Sometimes Bambi's mother went off to forage for herself.  Missing her one day, Bambi started out to look for her and came upon a large meadow full of yellow Oregon double bladder pod, his favorite mustard plant.  Bambi gorged himself 'til his bulging flanks could hold no more.  His legs, unable to bear the weight of his body any longer, gave out.  Bambi, upon falling in the grass, slept.  Upon waking, Bambi started out in search of his mother once more.  He came upon his cousins in a swatch of delicious Blue-Eyed Marys.  Faline suggested that both their mothers might have gone off to the Cottontail Club to see the new Lepus Review.  

Bambi decided to continue the search alone.  As he stood at the edge of a clearing, he saw a creature he had never seen before.  The creature whirred and hummed and looked like three sticks mounted by a strange worm with an enormous eye.  Terrified, Bambi ran back into the woods as fast as his legs could take him.  All of a sudden his mother appeared, and running they headed for home territory.

When they had traveled a safe distance Bambi asked his mother for an explanation in regards to the creature he had encountered.  "Don't worry," explained his mother.  "It's just another film crew from the Southwest on documentary assignment, probably to shoot nature footage on our territory."  "Wow!" said Bambi, his eyeballs almost popping out of their sockets.  "I've always wanted to be in movies."  With that Bambi sped off in the direction from which they had made

#11 – Bambi, p./2 Opal Louis Nations

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