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their escape.  His mother called after him to come back and to think of the danger he was letting himself in for, but it was no use.  Just as soon as Bambi caught sight of the camera in a field of wide throated monkey flowers surrounded by cedar, he threw caution to the wind and ventured out in front of its enormous lens.

First he performed a number of impressive glissades.  This was followed by a few perfect entrechats.  The crew was taken aback, but before they could establish contact, Bambi, bearing a pretentious shy look, rapidly fluttered his enormous eyelids, then made a dash for the woods.  A few days later while foraging in the glade, Bambi called out for his mother for she was lost from view.  Suddenly a great stag stood before him.  Coldly he asked Bambi why he had made a spectacle of himself in front of film people who were considered outsiders.  

By now the whole forest knew of the details.  The stag went on to state that he had made fun of his species and had degraded the hoofed kingdom irreparably.  The little deer hung his head in shame and later kept the upbraiding from his mother who already suffered scorn from members of her family.  Bambi learned later that he had met the Old Prince, the biggest and wisest stag in the forest who bore enormous antlers of great financial value in hunting circles.

One morning Bambi was nibbling in a meadow of celery leaved lovage with his mother when one of the stags came out of the forest.  Suddenly there was a crash.  The stag, in the process of trying to perfect a pas de basque, had instead made a salto mortale.  The jagged rock upon which the animal had unfortunately met its end ran with blood.  Bambi in fright raced away after his mother.  All he wanted was to go deeper and deeper into the forest away from the sight of blood he so detested.  Blood reminded Bambi of raw meat, and raw meat made his stomach turn.  Besides, he had always been and will always remain a strict vegetarian.  Deep in the forest Bambi met up with the Old Prince again.  When Bambi asked whether the crew had finished filming, the stag replied that he would find out for himself, then disappeared.

#11 – Bambi, p./3 Opal Louis Nations

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