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the ballet adaptation of the folk tale Beowulf, Karus fled, as did the stag Ronno who had been pursuing Faline.  Faline and Bambi ventured into a sticky-haired tidy tip carpeted meadow one day and there saw a stranger nibbling at the stalks.  They were surprised when he came skipping up to them and asked if they did not know him.  

It was Gobo.  Hunters had caught him and had not shot, cooked, and eaten him with roast potatoes and steam-cooked veggies, but had kept him until he was fully grown.  Then he had been sent back to join his family in the forest.  His mother was delighted to see him once more.  Gobo explained his absence to an admiring audience, then told of how Bambi's mother had been shot, taxidermized, and sold to Macy's as part of a Christmas Santa window exhibit.

While Gobo was talking, the Old Prince appeared and asked Gobo about the strings of threaded stones draped about his antlers. Gobo answered that he had been taken care of by a long-haired hippie couple who had dressed his bony growth with love beads.  The macho Old Prince remarked pityingly that he and Gobo should live together as they would make a perfectly matched pair, and vanished.  Gobo and Bambi did fall in love with each other and did for a while live together under the shade of the same thicket.  But Gobo and Bambi could not live as did the other deer in the forest,. Shunned by their own kind, they grazed during daylight and slept at night.

One day, when the film crew returned, thrilled at having found Bambi, their reluctant primadonna, the pair staged a self-correographed ballet entitled "Cupid and Psyche," the ancient Greek allegory of love from the Golden Age.  Bambi played Cupid with panache while Gobo took Psyche, and Faline the lesser role of Venus, goddess of love.  The entire production only took a week to shoot and drew rave notices from The Sierra Club and the National Wildlife Foundation when it came out.  Bambi and his friends became enormously famous which annoyed the Old Prince and excited jealousy among the other lesser known bucks.  

One day when Bambi and the Old Prince were walking together through the glades, they came upon a hare caught in a noose.  

#11 – Bambi, p./5 Opal Louis Nations

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