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Carefully, the Old Prince managed to loosen the snare with his antlers. "This is how you will end up," said the Old Prince, "should you decide to leave your friends and neighbors and go join the movie colony to the South."

Bambi considered the wise old stag's advice.  Then he showed Bambi how to test tree branches for a trap.  Watching the wise one's demonstration made Bambi realize that not all biped animals are his friends.  Shortly after this, the Old Prince went off to die in the forest.  One misty morning, as Bambi and Gobo were filming the dance musical adaptation of "Brideshead Revisited" by Evelyn Waugh, Bambi suffered a fatal accident.  Refusing to let a double stand in for him during the dangerous Spanish Civil war scenes, Bambi, who was portraying Cordelia, slipped and fell into a loyalist trench which had been filled with extras carrying rifles and fixed bayonets.  As he lay mortally wounded in a semi-conscious state, his mind drifted back to the simple life of the forest.  

He thought he heard a voice beside him urging him to get up.  It was the Old Prince.  For a long while the veteran led Bambi through the woods, crossing and re-crossing the places where he had lain in the summer sun taking in the smells of the Blue Dicks and Star Swertia as he watched the Ruddy Turnstones and Yellow-Shafted Flickers singing in the treetops.  The Old Prince pointed out to him the different herbs, their properties and applications.  Then, just as quickly as the Old Prince had appeared before him, Bambi lost consciousness and leapt into venison heaven.


© 2004, Opal Louis Nations


First published in a limited edition by Obscure Publications, Black River Falls, WI, 2004

#11 – Bambi, p./6 Opal Louis Nations

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