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The machine s vibration damping system reduces the transfer of vibration between the engine unit/cutting equipment and the machine s handle unit.The body of the chain saw, including the cutting equipment, is insulated from the handles by vibration damping units.

requiring among other things the muffler must be equipped with an approved type of spark arrestor mesh.

Cutting equipment

This section describes how to choose and maintain your cutting equipment in order to:

Reduce the risk of kickback.

Reduce the risk of the saw chain breaking or jumping off the bar.

Obtain optimal cutting performance. Extend the life of cutting equipment. Avoid increasing vibration levels.

General rules

Only use cutting equipment recommended by us! See instructions under the heading Technical data.

Cutting hardwoods (most broadleaf trees) creates more vibration than cutting softwoods (most conifers). Cutting with cutting equipment that is blunt or faulty (wrong type or badly sharpened) will increase the vibration level.

Stop switch

Use the stop switch to switch off the engine.

NB! The muffler gets very hot during and after use.This also applies during idling. Be aware of the fire hazard, especially when working near flammable substances and/or vapours.


WARNING! Overexposure to vibration can lead to circulatory damage or nerve damage in people who have impaired circulation. Contact your doctor if you experience symptoms of overexposure to vibration. Such symptoms include numbness, loss of feeling, tingling, pricking, pain, loss of strength, changes in skin colour or condition. These symptoms normally appear in the fingers, hands or wrists. These symptoms may be increased in cold temperatures.


WARNING! Never use a saw without a muffler, or with a damaged muffler. A damaged muffler may substantially increase the noise level and the fire hazard. Keep fire fighting equipment handy. If a spark arrestor screen is required in your area, never use the saw without or with a broken spark arrestor screen.

  • Keep the chain’s cutting teeth properly sharpened! Follow our instructions and use the recommended file gauge. A damaged or badly sharpened chain increases the risk of accidents.


The muffler is designed to keep noise levels to a minimum and to direct exhaust fumes away from the user.


WARNING! The exhaust fumes from the engine are hot and may contain sparks which can start a fire. Never start the machine indoors or near combustible material!

  • Maintain the correct depth gauge setting! Follow our instructions and use the recommended depth gauge clearance. Too large a clearance increases the risk of kickback.

In areas with a hot, dry climate there is a high risk of fires. These areas are sometimes subject to government rules

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