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Two factors decide whether the chain will jam or the object that you are cutting will split: the first is how the object is supported before and after cutting, and the second is whether it is in tension.

risk that the chain will touch the ground when you finish the cut.

In most cases you can avoid these problems by cutting in two stages; from the top and from the bottom.You need to support the object so that it will not trap the chain or split during cutting.

Cut all the way through the log from above. Avoid letting the chain touch the ground as you finish the cut. Maintain full throttle but be prepared for what might happen.

IMPORTANT! If the chain jams in the cut: stop the engine! Don’t try to pull the chain saw free. If you do you may be injured by the chain when the chain saw suddenly breaks free. Use a lever to open up the cut and free the chain saw.

The following instructions describe how to handle the commonest situations you are likely to encounter when using a chain saw.

If it is possible (can you turn the log?) stop cutting about 2/3 of the way through the log.


When limbing thick branches you should use the same approach as for cutting.

Cut difficult branches piece by piece.

Turn the log and finish the cut from the opposite side.

The log is supported at one end. There is a high risk that it will split.



WARNING! Never attempt to cut logs while they are in a pile or when a couple of logs are lying together. Such procedures drastically increase the risk of kickback which can result in a serious or fatal injury.

Start by cutting from below (about 1/3 of the way through).

Finish by cutting from above so that the two cuts meet.

If you have a pile of logs, each log you attempt to cut should be removed from the pile, placed on a saw horse or runners and cut individually.

Remove the cut pieces from the cutting area. By leaving them in the cutting area, you increase the risk for inadvertently getting a kickback, as well as increasing the risk of losing your balance while working.

The log is supported at both ends. There is a high risk that the chain will jam.

The log is lying on the ground. There is little risk of the chain jamming or the object splitting. However there is a

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