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Winter use

MAINTENANCE Heated handles

Running problems can occur when using the machine in the cold and snowy conditions caused by:

  • Too low engine temperature.

  • Icing of the air filter and carburettor.

Special measures are therefore often required:

  • Partly mask the air inlet on the starter to increase the working temperature of the engine.

  • Preheat the intake air to the carburettor by using the heat from the cylinder.

Temperature 0 C or colder:

(346XPG, 353G)

On models with the designation XPG/G, the front as well as the rear handle are equipped with electric heating coils. These are supplied with electricity from a built-in generator on the chain saw.

When the switch is pushed downwards, the heat is switched on. When the switch is pushed upwards, the heat is switched off.

The cylinder cover is designed so it can be adjusted for running in cold weather. Twist the winter flap so that preheated air from the cylinder can pass into the carburettor space preventing icing of the air filter, etc.

Electrical carburettor heating

(346XPG, 353G)

On models with the designation CARBURETOR HEATING there is an electrically heated carburetor. Electrically powered heating prevents ice formation in the carburetor. A thermostat regulates the heating so that the carburetor always has the right working temperature.

For temperatures below -5C and/or in snow conditions there is also:

  • a special cover (A) for the starter housing

  • a winter plug (B) for the air nozzle that is fitted as


These reduce the flow of cooling air and prevent large amounts of snow from being sucked into the carburettor space.

NB! When the winter plug is fitted the winter flap must be open!

IMPORTANT! If the temperature rises above -5C or 0 C respectively the machine MUST be restored to its normal set-up. Otherwise there is a risk of overheating, which can cause severe engine damage.

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