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    • b.

      Amend the proposal requirements at any time prior to the Closing Date, provided that the amendment is notified to prospective Tenderers.

    • c.

      Seek information from with one or more of the Tenderers on any issue at any time and to continue to seek information from one or more of the Tenderers.

    • d.

      Allow a Tenderer to change its Technical proposal if the same opportunity is given to all Tenderers.

    • e.

      Terminate or abandon this Procedure or the entire project whether before or after the receipt of proposals.

    • f.

      Seek the advice of external consultants to assist Department in the evaluation or review of proposals.

    • g.

      Make enquiries of any person, company or organization to ascertain information regarding the Tenderer and its proposal.

    • h.

      Reproduce for the purposes of this Procedure the whole or any portion of the Proposal despite any copyright or other intellectual property right that may subsist in the Proposal.

    • i.

      Negotiations shall be held as per provisions of GF&AR Part-II.

  • 46.

    Force Majeure: Neither party will be liable in respect of failure to fulfill its obligations, if the said failure is entirely due to Acts of God, Governmental restrictions or instructions, natural calamities or catastrophe, epidemics or disturbances in the country. The party affected by an event of Force Majeure will immediately notify the other party of such an event and will also notify the unaffected party on cessation of disability resulting from such Force Majeure Act.

  • 47.

    Pre-bid Meeting:

    • a)

      For the benefit of the tenderer, who have purchased/downloaded tender documents and seeking any clarification thereof, a pre-bid meeting will be held in the Conference Hall at Dr. Radha Krishnan Shiksha Sankul, JLN Marg, Jaipur. Only prospective tenderers are allowed to participate in the pre- bid meeting. The soft copy of the queries is also required to be submitted along with written queries.

    • b)

      The purpose of the meeting will be to clarify issues and to answer questions on any matter that may be raised at that stage. Non attendance at the Pre-bid meeting will not be a cause for disqualification of a tenderer.

    • c)

      The revised tender document after incorporating the changes suggested during pre-bid, if required, would be displayed on the respective websites.

  • 48.

    Cost of Tender Document

    • a)

      The cost of tender document is Rs. 1,000 (Rupees One Thousand only) and is not refundable.

    • b)

      The cost of earnest money is 2% of the estimated tender cost.

NIT: Shivira-Sec/Secondary/ICT/Evalution/2010-11 Dtd: 13/01/2011 Tenderer

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