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Schedule III: General Terms and Conditions of Tender

Note: Tenderers should read these conditions carefully and comply strictly while sending/submitting their tenders.

  • 1.

    Eligibility Criteria:

    • a.

      The Tenderer should be a Firm/ Society/ Trust/ Company/ NGO/ Reputed Institute registered & incorporated in India and in existence in India for the last 3 years at least having minimum 15 Nos of ICT skilled manpower.

    • b.

      The Tenderer should have executed similar educational mandate(s) in Government schools for Central Government/ State Governments during the last 3 years for minimum 150 Nos Schools. The work order along with work completion certificate is to be enclosed.

    • c.

      The Tenderer should have experience in working in the Government school system specifically for evaluation of ICT enabled education project. Documentary support is required.

    • d.

      No consortium bidding is allowed.

    • e.

      The Tenderer should have a minimum average annual turnover/ funding of Rs. 20 Lakhs over the past 3 financial years with minimum annual turnover / funding of Rs. 20 Lakhs in the last financial year (to be supported by the audited/ certified balance sheet). Bank solvency certificate of Rs. 20 lakhs is also to be enclosed.

    • f.

      The Tenderer should have successfully executed one such mandate worth at least Rs.10 Lakhs or above as part of single mandate received from State/Central Government agencies/departments within last 3 years.

    • g.

      Any Firm/ Society/ Trust/ Company/ NGO/ Institute/ etc. engaged directly or indirectly in implementing and executing ICT Phase-I and Phase-II Schemes is NOT eligible to participate in the bidding process. The bidder has to submit a declaration in this regard (Schedule-IV).

  • 2.

    Objectives and scope of assignment to the Evaluation Agency:

    • a.

      Development of appropriate questioners for the base line survey (to be approved by Department).

    • b.

      Field visit, data collection and supportive evaluation of the identified project schools based on the learning achievement indicators.

    • c.

      Submit a detailed qualitative & quantitative report of the findings on the learning achievement.

    • d.

      Collate the needs of the field and prepare an impact assessment report on the same.

  • 3.

    Guidelines for submission of Proposal: Interested Tenderers are required to submit their technical proposal and Financial bid in two separate sealed envelopes as per instructions given below: -


The Bid packet should contain

ENVELOPE-A (Technical Bid in separate envelope )

containing :






fulfill the eligibility criteria mentioned in Clause–1 above duly


attested by the persons authorized to sign the bid.

  • Both Hard and Soft copy of evaluation process, the questioners and sample report structure need to be submitted along with the bid document. If necessary, Tenderers will be asked to give a presentation of the evaluation process.

  • EMD and Cost of RFP document in a small separate envelope.

  • Tender Form duly signed and stamped.

  • The bid document, signed with company seal in each page as a token of acceptance.

The Bid packet should contain ENVELOPE-B (Financial Bid in separate envelope) containing





  • Financial Bid in a sealed envelope duly sealed by the official seal of the Tenderer containing

details of the cost in the price schedule (given in Schedule VI). Both the envelopes should be super- scribed with words “Third Party Evaluation of Centrally Sponsored Scheme of ICT in 450 Government Schools across Rajasthan”, NIT No : Shivira- Sec/Secondary/ICT/Evalution/2010-11 Dtd: 13/01/2011” and “PLEASE DO NOT OPEN BEFORE 11/03/2011, at 16.00 Hrs” Both the envelopes shall be sealed in a covering envelope/ packet super scribed with words “Tender for Third Party Evaluation of Centrally Sponsored Scheme of ICT in 450 Government Schools across Rajasthan”, NIT No : Shivira-Sec/Secondary/ICT/Evalution/2010-11 Dtd: 13/01/2011 and “PLEASE DO NOT OPEN BEFORE 11/03/2011, at 16.00 Hrs” The sealed envelope/ packet containing the sealed Technical and Financial Bid each in seperate envelope should be addressed to the Commissioner, Secondary Education Department, Rajasthan, Bikaner, through post / speed post / Courier or dropped personally in the Tender Box kept with him within the stipulated time. No other mode of delivery shall be accepted. Department will not be responsible for any postal delay. The technical bid will be opened by the Purchase Committee or by an officer duly authorized in the presence of such tenderers or their authorized representatives who may choose to attend.

NIT: Shivira-Sec/Secondary/ICT/Evalution/2010-11 Dtd: 13/01/2011 Tenderer

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