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    Financial Bid of those Tenderers will be opened whose evaluation process is considered to be most suitable as per eligibility criteria laid down by the department. Date, Time and Venue for opening of Financial Bid will be communicated to all such eligible Tenderers in advance and the Financial Bid will be opened in presence of those successful Tenderers who choose to attend.

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    The packet should be sealed and name of the Bidding Firm/Agency, address and telephone no.

should be printed in each packet.

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    Amendment of Invitation: At any time prior to the deadline for submission of proposals, department reserves the right to add / modify / delete any portion of this document by issuance of a Corrigendum, which would be published on the website and will also be made available to the all the Tenderer who have been issued the tender document. The Corrigendum shall be binding on all Tenderers and will form part of the bid documents (Technical as well as Financial Bid).

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    Amendment of Proposals: In order to afford prospective Tenderer reasonable time to make amendment in their proposals, department may, at its discretion, extend the deadline for the submission of proposals. However, no such request in this regard shall be binding on department.

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    Language of Proposal & Correspondence: The proposal submitted by the Tenderer should be in English language only. All the documents relating to the proposal (including brochures) supplied by the firm should also be in English, and the correspondence between the Tenderer & department will be in English language only. A duly signed formal copy must subsequently confirm the correspondence by fax/ e-mail.

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    Proposal Currency: Prices shall be quoted in Indian Rupees, inclusive of all prevailing taxes, levies, duties, etc.

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    Period of Validity of Proposals: The price offers shall remain firm within the currency of contract and no escalation of price will be allowed. The quoted offer and/ or rate must be valid for a minimum period of 120 days from the date of opening of the tender. The tender inviting authority reserves the right for seeking extension of validity of offered rates from the successful Tenderer. Acceptance of such request during actual offer is however optional to the Tenderer. The price validity will remain unaltered irrespective of any reason including foreign exchange rate variation. Variation in statutory rate levied by Government will however be reflected for both reduction and escalation. A Bid valid for shorter period shall be rejected being non-responsive.

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    Formats and Signing of Proposals: The original and all copies of the proposals shall be neatly typed and shall be signed by an authorized signatory / signatories on behalf of the Tenderer. The authorization shall be provided by written Power of Attorney accompanying the proposal. The person or persons signing the proposal shall initial and stamp all pages of the proposal, except for un-amended printed literature. The proposal shall contain no interlineations, erase or overwriting. In order to correct errors made by the Tenderer, all corrections shall be done & initialed with date and stamp by the authorized


signatory after striking out the original words / figures completely. Sealing and Marking of Proposals: Tenderer shall seal & mark various parts of the proposal mentioned in the tender document.



Every envelope and forwarding letter of various parts of the proposal shall be addressed to



tendering authority. Signing across all joints & pasting good quality transparent adhesive tape on top of such joints &


signatures with company seal shall seal the envelope. Proposals sent through telex / telegrams / fax / e-mail shall not be accepted. Department shall not be responsible for delay on account of delivery by the postal authorities as well as of courier companies. Such delivery shall be at the risk and cost of the Tenderer. If the envelopes/ packet(s) are not sealed and marked as required above, Department shall

assume no responsibility for the proposal’s misplacement or premature opening.

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    Deadline for Submission of Proposals: Proposals will be received by Department at the specified address not later than 11 March. 2011, at 15.00 hrs. Department may, at it’s discretion, extend this deadline. Department may also extend this deadline for any other administrative reason or reasons beyond its control.

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    Late Proposals: Any proposal received by Department after the deadline for submission of proposals, as referred above shall not be accepted and will be summarily rejected.

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    Interpretation of documents: If any Tenderer should find discrepancies or omission in the specifications or other tender documents, or if he should be in doubt as to the true meaning of any part thereof, the tenderer shall, before signing the contract, refer the same to the Purchase Officer and get clarifications

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    Payment Terms: Advance payment will not be considered. Payment will be done as per Schedule II


clause XI. Preparation of Tender: Tender shall be


Tenders shall be submitted in the

submitted in accordance with the prescribed forms. All signatures

following shall be

instructions: in longhand.


there is conflict between the words and the figures, the words shall govern.

NIT: Shivira-Sec/Secondary/ICT/Evalution/2010-11 Dtd: 13/01/2011 Tenderer

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