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    All notations must be in ink or type written. No erasing or overwriting will be permitted. Mistakes may be crossed out and corrections typed or written with ink adjacent thereto and must be initialed in ink and sealed by the person or persons signing the tender.

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    Tenders shall not contain any recapitulation of the work to be done. Alternative proposals will not be considered unless called for. Written, oral, electronic, telegraphic or telephonic proposals for modifications will not be acceptable.

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    Tenders shall be delivered to the office as notified on or before the date and time set for the opening of tenders in the Notice Inviting Tenders. The packet of documents including the tender shall be enclosed in sealed envelope having the title of the work and the name of the Tenderer.

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    Tenders subject to any conditions or stipulations imposed by the Tenderer are liable to be rejected. In one word, conditional tender will not be accepted.

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    Each and every page of the tender document must be signed with date and company seal by the Tenderer.

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    Withdrawing the Tender: Any Tenderer may withdraw his tender by written request at any time prior to the scheduled closing time for receipt of tenders and not thereafter.

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    Opening of Tender: The tenders shall be opened at the time set forth in the document. Tenderers or their authorized representatives are invited to be present and to put their signatures on the records of tender opening as each tender is opened.

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    Assignments: The contractor shall not assign or sub-let his contract or any substantial part thereof to any other agency.

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    Deduction of Statutory Levies & Taxes: Deduction of all statutory and necessary Tax from bill will be made as per Government Order prevailing at the time of payment. The department will issue necessary tax deduction certificate on demand.

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    Tax Registration Certificate: Tenderers submitting a tender shall produce up to date VAT, Service Tax, Income Tax clearance Certificate in the standard form from the Tax Authority or a Certificate that the assessment is under consideration. All such clearance certificates shall remain valid on the last date of permission.

  • 21.

    Canvassing: Canvassing or support in any form for the acceptance of any tender is strictly prohibited. Any Tenderer doing so will render him liable to penalties.

  • 22.

    Deliverables: The work should be started within 15 days of issuing LOI/ order to the agency. The deliverables are INTERIM REPORTS and its Analysis of different types to be intimated time to time.

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    Work completion: The tenderer whose tender is accepted shall arrange to complete the work within a period of 90 days from the date of order at all the locations.

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    Tenders received after the prescribed time and date will not be accepted & considered.

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    Tenders would be considered in the prescribed tender form/ document only. A complete set of bidding documents may be purchased from above Office against a written application during office hours 09.30 Hrs to 18.00 Hrs on all working days or by post upon payment of a non-refundable fee of Rs. 1000/- (Postal Charges Extra) as indicated below by Demand Draft/ Banker's Cheque favoring The Commissioner, Secondary Education payable at Bikaner.

  • 26.

    The tendering authority is Commissioner, Secondary Education Department, Rajasthan, Bikaner.

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    Tendering authority is not bound to accept the lowest tender and may reject any tender or any part of the tender without assigning any reason thereof and the Tenderer will not challenge such decision in any forum what so ever.

  • 28.

    While claiming any exemption, the Tenderer is required to attach along with the Tender Form, a certified copy of the recent exemption certificate issued by the appropriate authority, failing which no claim shall be entertained and the Tenders would be liable for summary rejection.

  • 29.

    Any Change in the constitution of the firm, etc. shall be notified forth with by the contractor in writing to the purchase officer and such change shall not relieve any former member of the firm, etc., from any liability under the contract.

  • 30.

    No new partner/ partners shall be accepted in the firm by the contractor in respect of the contract unless he/they agree to abide by all its terms, conditions and deposits with the purchase officer a written agreement to this effect. The contractor’s receipt for acknowledgement or that of any partners


subsequently accepted as above shall bind all of them and will be purpose of the contract. Comparison of Rates:

sufficient discharge for any of the


In comparing the rates tendered by firms outside Rajasthan and

those in Rajasthan but not entitled


to Price Preference under the Rules, the element of Rajasthan Sales Tax shall be excluded whereas that of Central Sales Tax shall be included. While comparing the rates in respect of firms within Rajasthan, The element of Rajasthan Sales Tax shall be included.

NIT: Shivira-Sec/Secondary/ICT/Evalution/2010-11 Dtd: 13/01/2011 Tenderer

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