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By way of derogation from the previous paragraph, citizens of third countries other than

applicant countries may be awarded traineeships in the European Parliament, if the competent authority grants authorisation after considering their files, up to a maximum of 5% of the total

number of traineeships that it decides on pursuant to Article 3.


Applicants should send their applications, using the appropriate application form and

enclosing all the supporting documents required, to the Department for contract staff and Robert

Schuman traineeships in the Directorate-General for Personnel, ('the competent department').


The competent department considers the admissibility of applications on the basis of the

general conditions governing admission laid down in Article 5 of these Rules and of the specific conditions governing admission to the various traineeship options laid down in Articles 18 and 21. For each traineeship period, it forwards all the relevant information on every admissible application, by electronic or other means, to the directors-general and heads of autonomous administrative units in the Secretariat, taking account of the candidates’ requests for assignment.


The directors-general and heads of autonomous administrative units in the Secretariat

consider the applications on the basis of the applicants' merits and of specific needs in connection with their units’ planned activities and ability to accommodate trainees. For each proposed application, they indicate the department to which the applicant would be assigned and the name and contact details of the supervisor, together with the supervisor's choice of topic on which the trainee would work. They inform the competent department of their selections, listing applicants in order of priority; if candidates are of equal merit, the department will seek a balance in their geographical origin and a balance between men and women. The European Parliament has an equal opportunities policy, and takes positive action with regard to the recruitment of trainees with disabilities, as laid down in the revised Code of Conduct on the

employment of disabled persons, adopted by the Bureau on 22 June 2005.


The competent authority draws up the list of applicants thus proposed in the light of the

total number of traineeships authorised under Article 3.2.


At the end of each selection procedure, the competent department informs the Committee

of the number of applications received, the number of admissible applications and the outcome

of the selections made.


The results of the selection procedure will not be published.


Throughout the entire period of the traineeship, trainees are under the responsibility of a



Trainees must comply with the instructions given by their supervisors and by their

superiors in the department to which they are assigned and with the administrative instructions issued by the competent authority. They must also comply with the internal rules governing the

functioning of the European Parliament, in particular the rules on security.


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