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    Temporary suspension and termination

    • (a)

      Traineeships may be suspended temporarily by the competent authority for a maximum

period of one month, or terminated:

  • -

    either in response to a request from the trainee, giving reasons, addressed to the

competent authority and approved by the trainee's supervisor,

  • -

    or in response to a request by the supervisor, giving reasons, approved by

his/her director-general and addressed to the competent authority; in particular, termination of the traineeship may be requested for imperative operational reasons or on the grounds of incompetence or of a breach of the obligations with which trainees are required to comply,

  • -

    or by decision of the competent authority, giving reasons, in particular for

imperative operational reasons or on the grounds of a breach of the obligations with which trainees are required to comply.


During a suspension of a traineeship, the respective rights and obligations of the

European Parliament and the trainee will be suspended, without prejudice to the provisions of Article 7.4. If suspension is decided on at the request of the supervisor, the trainee may apply to the competent authority to continue the traineeship in another department or to terminate the

traineeship at the date of the beginning of the suspension.


Unjustified absences

In the event of an absence of a trainee which is not justified by a decision by the competent authority to suspend or terminate the traineeship, or by sick leave pursuant to Article 15, the supervisor must notify the competent authority, which will send a letter to the trainee at his/her given address, instructing him/her to appear in the department in which the traineeship is taking place within one week of receiving this instruction. After this deadline, the competent authority has to decide whether the traineeship should be terminated and, if so, on what date.


Traineeships end when the period for which they were awarded expires or by decision of

the competent authority under the terms of the previous article.


On completion of the traineeship, trainees must draw up a traineeship report and their

supervisors must draw up an evaluation report, using the appropriate form, which must be signed

by the trainee and the supervisor, who sends it to the competent department.


On the basis of the traineeship report, the competent department will issue the trainee

with a traineeship certificate, using the appropriate form, setting out the duration of the traineeship, the department to which the trainee was assigned, the name of the supervisor and the

nature of the work performed.


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