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Trainees are entitled to a flat-rate contribution to the cost of travel between their actual

place of residence and their place of employment at the beginning and end of their traineeship, if the distance between the two places is more than 50 km. No request for a change of address of the actual place of residence will be granted once the decision to award a traineeship has been taken. Payment for the journey to the place of employment will be made at the beginning of the traineeship and for the journey back to the actual place of residence at the end of the traineeship.

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    The flat-rate payment1 is: € 0.1200 per km between 1 and 1000 km, € 0.0800 for each km above 1001 km € 0.0000 for each km above 10 000 km.

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    By way of derogation from paragraph 1 of this article, if, during the first month of the


  • -

    the traineeship is terminated at the request of the trainee (Article 9.1(a)), if this is

not justified on any imperative grounds,

  • -

    the competent authority decides to terminate the traineeship following an

unjustified absence of the trainee (Article 9.2), the competent authority may decide not to reimburse the cost of the return journey.


During the traineeship, trainees may be sent on mission to others of the European

Parliament's normal places of work in order to follow parliamentary business. The competent

authority may authorise two such missions of up to two days each.


In response to a request, giving reasons, from the Directors-General of the Presidency

and of Information, the competent authority may authorise trainees assigned to these directorates-general to go on more and longer missions in order to attend European Parliament


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    (a) Trainees sent on a two-day mission will receive a flat-rate allowance2 of: € 380 for a mission from Brussels to Strasbourg, € 320 for a mission from Luxembourg to Strasbourg, € 320 for a mission from Luxembourg to Brussels.

    • (b)

      Trainees sent on a longer mission to Strasbourg under paragraph 2 of this article will

receive € 130.941 (daily subsistence and night allowance) for each additional day after the first two days.

1 2 The payment per km is adjusted on 1 January every year in line with salary. The amounts are adjusted on 1 January every year, without retroactive effect, in line with adjustments to mission expenses for Parliament officials.


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