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EC Certificate of Conformity

We hereby certify in terms of the EC Ma- chinery Directive 98/37/EEC that, on the basis of its design and construction as well as in the version distributed by us, the product specified below conforms to the relevant underlying EC directives. Any changes to the product not approved by us invalidate this certificate.

Garage door electric operators are com- ponents used in the construction of ga- rage doors and, as such, are classed as machines in accordance with EC Ma- chinery Directive 98/37/EEC.

Start-up will be prohibited until compli- ance with this directive has been con- firmed for the end product.

Product description Garage door operator, electric

Manufacturer ABON Antriebe und Sicherheitssysteme GmbH Thalbach D-85368 Wang Germany

Model Ultra excellent quick

EC directives applied EC Machinery Directive (98/37/EEC) EC Low Voltage Directive (73/23/EEC) EC Directive on Electromagnetic Compatibility (89/336/EEC)

Harmonised standards applied EN 55 014-1, EN 55 014-2, EN 60 335-1, EN 60 335-2-95:2001

National standards applied VDE 0801 T.1

Wang, 23. 01. 2003

(Hermann Leppert, Managing Director)



Cross references

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diagram No., e.g. 12 diagram No.. e.g. 21 and sub-



sequent diagrams Location No., e.g. 21

These instructions (text) are used in conjunction with the pictorial installation instructions (diagrams). Carefully read and examine the text and diagrams prior to installation.

In the text section, cross references are made to the pictoral installation instruc- tions as follows:

Depending on the ordered accessories, other manuals have to be observed. These are included with the accessory kits.


Intended application

It is vital that all the instructions are followed carefully in order to en- sure personal safety. Please keep both sets of instructions (diagrams and text) as well as the instructions for accessories to hand for future refer- ence.

Intended use The garage door electric operator is in- tended solely for the opening and clos- ing of single and double-garage doors in residential properties.

This door drive must be fitted with an ad- ditional safety device (safety strip, etc.) if the basic factory stop setting (F1 = power off, F2 = power on) is modi- fied or the automatic closure is activat- ed, see p. 7.

The garage door electric operator is built in accordance with the state of the art and generally accepted technical safety rules. Nevertheless its use may still pose a danger to persons and cause damage to property.

Any other use is deemed improper. The manufacturer accepts no liability for damage resulting from such use.

Work on the electrical installation may only be carried out by an electrician reg- istered with your local power supply utili- ty.

Improper use The garage door electric operator may not be used in:

  • -

    commercially used garages

  • -

    explosive atmospheres.

Remove the mains plug before working on the door drive.

Modifications and changes to the ga- rage door electric operator are not per- mitted for safety reasons and will invali- date the guarantee.


Whether packed or unpacked, the ga- rage door electric operator must be stored in a closed, dry room. The stor- age temperature may not fall below

  • -

    20 °C or exceed 80 °C.

Instructions, Remarks

Important instructions and remarks are emphasised by the following symbols:

CAUTION Indicates working or operating methods which have to be complied with exactly in order to exclude danger to persons.

Make sure that there are no people or objects in the area of movement of the door before operating the control devic- es (e.g. hand-held transmitter, buttons). Ensure that inadvertent or unwanted op- eration is ruled out, e.g. by children play- ing with it.

If a slip or personnel door is incorporat- ed in the garage door, a safety device must be installed to prevent the door drive from operating when the slip door is open.

Before installing the garage door electric operator, check that the door can easily be moved by hand and that the door me- chanics are in perfect working order. Heavy doors may not be operated with this device as the drive has not been de- signed for this purpose.

ATTENTION Contains information which must be ob- served in order to prevent damage to the equipment.

NOTE Highlights technical requirements to which particular attention must be paid.

If the door is balanced through the use of steel springs, the correct function of the latter must be guaranteed. Adjust- ments and repairs must be carried out solely by the door manufacturer’s Cus- tomer Services Department. Never at- tempt repairs yourself (risk of injury due to taut springs).


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