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Shining L ight

Educating & Empowering Donors to Support Christian Ministries

November 2008

30 Shining Light Ministries of 2008

By Rodney L. Pitzer, CFE

MinistryWatch.com desires to see overall giving to Biblical Christian values increase and as such we developed this format to highlight a sam- pling of ministries which are exemplary. The following 30 ministries represent some of the “best ministries”.

Identifying a diversity of the best ministries is challenging given the selfless work that so many do for the cause of Christ. No one is able to give to every ministry that one values as we are not possessed of unlimited resources. It is best to make an assessment of our options and make discerning decisions. MinistryWatch.com’s assessment looked at the following seven areas when considering this list of 30: (1) Transparency, (2) Truth Claims, (3) Values, (4) Sectors/Functions, (5) Resourcefulness, (6) Red Flag Issues, and (7) Consultation.

A fuller explanation of our evaluation criteria is on page five. A foundational premise was to shine a figurative light on those ministries that were "Christian" more than in name only. Ministries were chosen that were not just marketing to Christians as a market segment for "Christian donor money", but ministries that had theological underpinnings and Biblical values that determined their actions. Organizations that relied more on a secular motivation and means were excluded as well as those “ministries” that seem to view the organization as their own vehicle as a business to make money rather than a love to maximize ministry to others and to let their light shine for the glory of God. F

MinistryWatch.com’s 2008 List of 30 Shining Light Ministries


Life Centers

Campus Crusade for Christ

Living Water International

Children’s Hunger Fund

Medical Teams International

Children’s Medical Ministries

Mercy Ships

Christian Freedom International

Military Community Youth Ministries

Christian Legal Society

Moms In Touch International

Compassion International


Crista Ministries

New Tribes Mission

Crown Financial Ministries


endPoverty.org (Enterprise Development International)

Scripture Union USA


Trans World Radio

Fellowship International Mission

Truth for Life


Turkish World Outreach

Free Wheelchair Mission

Voice of the Martyrs


Wycliffe Bible Translators

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