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A heartfelt thank you to everyone who so generously contributed.

The Longbranch Cruise for Memorial Day was attended b y a p p r o x i m a t e l y 7 9 p e o p l e a n d 3 2 b o a t s . W e s t a r t e d off the weekend with cloudy skies on Friday the 28 that turned very nice for Saturday and Sunday. Much better than up north as we saw sunny skies. The at- tendees included: John & Candice Brooks, Bill Caugh- lin & Suzanne Isaksen, guests of Tussy, Nat & Linda Collier, guests Jacob Collier, and Richard Selfridge, Don & Val Cotey, Gary/Shirley Cummings, Glen & Liz Dodge, Steven & Sandra Driscoll, Gil & Diane Fetzner, Phil & Debi Freund, Jack & Therese Gordon, J & Peg Grady, Don & Jane Janus, Harry & Terri Johnson , Ron & Candy Johnson, guest grandson Stephan, Peter & Linda Jung, Jeff & Angie Kroeller, Jim & Cheryl Matheson, Doug McLeod, published applicant, Dave & Mary Mehlum , guests daughter Kristen, and grand- daughters Carmon and Chloe, Neil & Noreen Millen, Thomas & Chris Miner, Bill Moffet & Nicki Marsh, Kim & Mark Nance, Robert & Janey Rath, Dave & An- drea Reith, Ty Rice & Marlene Wallace, David & Janet Robinson, Fran & Jeff Sharp, Ken Spiker & Cindy Slieghter, Byron & Gina Steenerson, Bob Stewart & Glenn Stewart, Doug & Gail Stewart, Willard & Diane Thomas, Karl & Gemma Tussy, Don & Carolyn What- more, Roger Ufkes & Jane McKee t h

Longbranch is a great place to visit, relax and dance. Some members voyaged out early and met up in Gig Harbor on Thursday. We had close to 1/3 mile of boats in length attend this event. (Cool statistic) Ok I am a geek. :-)

On Friday, we met up and started setting up the wheel. We then relaxed and met up on Host boats around 6:30PM. Thank you again to Don & Carolyn What- more, Ken Spiker & Cindy Sleighter, Bill & Kim Nance, Glen & Liz Dodge, Jim & Cheryl Matheson, Doug & Gail Stewart, Nat & Linda Collier and Neil & Noreen Millen for being Host Boats for Hors d'oeu- vres. It was a fun time fixing it up and getting to know folks better.

On Saturday, we started off the day relaxing and visit- ing on each other’s boats. Around 3:00PM we picked up the owner and crew for our dinner catered by A2 Cajun Café out of Olympia, Washington. They pre- pared a fresh Cajun Dinner that was right out of Louisi- ana. They did a great job of cooking it up and serving as quickly as possible. It took about 30 minutes to serve almost 80 people with Jambalaya, Hushpuppies, Red Beans and Rice, and Bread pudding. This was really good and got feedback as one of the best catering to date for a wagon wheel cruise. We had plenty of lefto- vers as the servings were very generous. Noreen while we were preparing dinner organized getting tickets and transportation to the Longbranch dance. Folks left around 8:00PM and had a great time. It was one of the best bands to date with great singers. Need to chalk this one up as one of the best dances in Longbranch to date.

On Sunday, we all woke up to the wonderful smell of coffee, mimosas, Bloody Marys and of course the won- derful Breakfast burritos. They were very tasty!! Folks then took their auction items over to Millenia and pre- viewed the items before the 2:00PM auction. Folks also relaxed, visited and watched the Indy 500. At auction time, we all had a ball spending money getting our fa- vorite items. Appreciate Neil and Noreen making it fun with the jokes as auctioneers. After more relaxation and visiting we then went on a dingy cruise led by Jim Matheson. As we were on the cruise cannons were fired from shore that made it a hoot, but not for the poor dog- gies. We then settled in and relaxed. On Monday morning the wagon wheel broke up and folks headed home. On the way home we had showers that then turned into beautiful sunshine. What a lovely way to end the weekend. Again, appreciate everyone making it!!

Karl and Gemma Tussy Cruise Captains

Commodore Report

It was a proud day repre- senting the club at the Opening Day ceremony and festivities. Although a little on the chilly side, the weather held and we stayed dry most of the day. Not enough rain to dampen the spirit of the day or the strong turn out of RHYC faithful on the boom to whoop and holler. It is truly one of my favorite days of the year.

The Longbranch wagon wheel was not so dry but sure was a fun time. Thank you very much to Karl Tussy and his crew for doing a great job. Thanks also to wheel masters Glen Dodge and Tom Miner for making sure we were comfortable and safe.

With summer almost in full swing, cruising activity will heat up as will the use of the clubs Outstations. I ask that all members please understand clearly, the rules and conduct for their use. If you have questions, please refer to the member handbook or contact Rear Commodore Noreen Millen. Additionally, if you do encounter a problem or see a maintenance/repair issue with an Outstation, please con- tact Noreen immediately so that the board may take corrective action. The Outstations are a wonderful benefit to members and tracking their use is paramount. So please sign in when


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