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Fleet Captain Report

Weather would have to be the topic of the day for our last two cruises. Opening day was cold, windy and wet. Despite the weather those of us who braved the elements had a good time, and the weather gods gave us an OK day for the actual parade. But then the wind and rain came and Sunday was a bit lumpy going home. Not to be outdone, our intrepid weather forecasters could not make up their minds for Memorial Day. Eve- ry day leading up to the holiday weekend the forecast kept changing, and not in our favor. A small group of club members headed out on Thursday and met up in Gig Harbor. I counted 8 boats total that ventured out on Thursday which was probably the nicest day of the weekend for cruising. Next morning we got an early start to get out of the harbor before the minus 2.5 tide made the entrance too shallow. Karl managed to get away from the dock with only a foot of water remaining under his boat. We bucked the tide but the wind (30MPH) and tide were running the same direction so it was a relatively flat- water run down if you got thru the narrows before noon. For those that came later the ride was quite a bit different, definitely not better different. We managed to set the wheel up despite the blustery wet and cool conditions thanks to Glen Dodge and Jim Matheson. Karl and his cruise team put on a fun cruise. Friday after getting the wheel secured, people headed out for appetizers on board host boats. Saturday included a bumpy dinghy cruise to Zittle’s Marina for fuel and ice cream. Dinner was a Louisiana Cajun din- ner by an Olympia Caterer. A wagon wheel is not complete without the obligatory Dinghy parade with Jim Matheson towing about 20 some dinghies around the harbor The Parade drew can- non fire from the locals, not sure if it was in appreciation or in anger, but they missed. Despite the poor weather it was a fun weekend, and let’s hope the poor weather is a thing of the past as we look forward to the rest of the summer. Next up is Bell Har- bor June 11-13, followed by our July 3 wagon wheel at Poulsbo. Rumor has it that there may not be any fire- works but I am doing some checking to verify if there is any validity to the rumor.

Tom Miner Fleet Captain


Secretary Report

Starting with the most recent cruise; let me compliment Karl and Gemma Tussy and their team for a well orches- trated wagon wheel at Long- branch. Unfortunately, due to business demands, we had to leave Sunday morning. By all reports everybody had a good time. If you have not had a Bloody Mary created by Diane Thomas, you have not had a Blood Mary!

I want to share a glimpse of your clubs’ representation during the Opening Day festivities. As is customary, Flag Officers of participating yacht clubs pass in review, and offer a salute acknowledging the hosting Seattle Yacht Club Flag Officers standing on the stern of a boat at the East end of the Montlake Cut. The RHYC Bridge Officers and some Past Commodores, along with their better-halves, assemble on one of the larger boats in our club to participate. Once again this year Past Commo- dore Nat and Linda Collier provided their lovely vessel Reflections to carry those assembled.

Most of you have likely seen this, and/or have heard the compliments your RHYC officers have received over the years. Our ‘unofficial club historian’, Past Commo- dore Ed Allison, tells me that for many years the cover of the SYC program for Opening Day weekend has fea- tured a picture of our RHYC representatives passing in review. That is a very nice tribute.

After several procedural practices, led by Linda Collier, it was our turn to acknowledge the SYC officers as we approached their yacht. On Linda’s commands we came to ‘Attention’ and ‘Present Arms’. This salute was held as we passed all of the SYC yachts. What happened as we did so was truly an honor. At least two of us noticed someone moving quickly through the salon of a large SYC yacht and emerging onto the aft cockpit. The gen- tleman was an Army colonel in his dress blue uniform. He proceeded to cup his hands and call out to us, “Nice salute guys!” As if 43 years had not elapsed, Specialist 4 (Army, E-4) Rice replied resoundingly, “Thank you sir!". Even in a draftee pride runs deep. Thank you for allowing me the honor of being your Secretary.

Ty Rice Secretary

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