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Umicore VAL’EAS Battery Recycling Process & Flow Sheet

The VAL’EAS™ process is dedicated to the recycling of rechargeable Lithium ion and Nickel Metal Hydride batteries and battery packs, transforming end of life rechargeable batteries into new batteries.

a melting operation: rechargeable batteries, battery packs and other input materials are injected into a furnace without any pre-processing, minimising all hazardous risks

a preferment gas cleaning of installation equipped with the new plasma technology to make the formation dioxin and furan impossible

well controlled melting conditions so that a clean slag can be produced and further re-used in construction and/or as aggregate for concrete.

a cobalt & nickel refining installation where the cobalt & nickel containing alloys can be further treated so that pure cobalt and nickel are prepared.

followed by a process for transformation of cobalt products into the final lithium cobalt dioxide LiCoO2 which is then used in the production of new lithium ion batteries.

By developing and patenting a sustainable and cost-efficient VAL’EAS™ battery recycling process, Umicore is the only company in the world proposing a real closed loop solution for Li-ion batteries combined with an environmentally sound management of these end-of-life batteries and high recycling and/or recovery rates.

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