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TesTed and LisTed Under nsF/ansi sTandards 40 and 245

General Specifications

The advanced wastewater treatment system described by these specifications is a Delta Environmental Products ECOPOD-NFixed Film Wastewater Treatment System Model E______. This device shall essentially consist of a media container, engineered media, air diffusion system, specially designed discharge outlet tee, blower assembly, and control/alarm panel. Additional features and accessories are as shown on the Delta Environmental Products™ job drawing or drawings and as hereinafter specified and described. The advanced wastewater treatment system shall be NSF/ANSI Standards 40 and 245 approved.

Operating Conditions

The treatment system shall be capable of treating _______ gallons per day average daily flow (ADF) of domestic raw sewage waste with an organic loading of ______ pounds of BOD5. A minimum of 4,850 cubic feet of aeration capacity shall be provided for each pound of BOD5.

Construction Fiberglass

The tanks shall be constructed of 1/4" inch minimum thickness fiberglass. The tank shall be molded of fiberglass reinforced polyester resin manufactured by the lay-up and spray technique to assure that the interior has a smooth resin rich finish.


The tanks shall be constructed of CONCRETE. The top, bottom, and outer walls of all concrete tanks shall be 3" thick plus or minus 1/4" and constructed of concrete with a minimum compressive strength of 3000 psi. The top, bottom and side walls shall also be reinforced uniformly and completely with 10 gauge steel wire on 6" centers both ways (6x6x10x10) or fibermesh reinforcement at a minimum of 1.2 pounds per yard Harborlight or equal.

Primary Tank

A primary tank shall be provided as shown on the plans to receive the incoming flow. The pretreatment tank shall provide 24 hours hydraulic detention at the ADF rate. The primary tank shall be designed to collect large incoming solids. This shall be accomplished by extending the inlet pipe downward below the trash floatable zone and above the settling zone. The discharge pipe shall also be extended downward so as to draw pretreated sewage from the median zone, keeping both floatable and settle- able solids out of the reactor tank.


Reactor/Dilution Tank

The reactor tank shall be sized to provide a minimum of 33.6 hour hydraulic detention time at the average daily flow (ADF). The dilution zone shall also be designed as to provide optimum liquid- solid separation and shall be sized to provide 24 hours hydraulic detention at the ADF rate.

air Delivery System

Air delivery system shall be constructed of schedule 40 PVC pipe. Air ports shall be designed for non-clogging and shall be maintenance free.

Disinfection (Optional)

A disinfection system of chlorine or Ultraviolet light shall be included in the treatment system to achieve disinfection of the final effluent.

aeration blower

Provide one aeration blower system with sufficient capacity to furnish the treatment units air requirements. The blower(s) shall be capable of delivering a minimum of 4,850 cubic feet per pound of BOD5 influent at required discharge pressure.

Electrical Controls

An electrical control panel shall be furnished with each unit that will protect the compressor from overload and failure to start. Included in the panel shall be a pressure switch alarm system that will sound an alarm upon loss of air supply as well as a high water. System shall be NSF/ANSI International certified utilizing UL rated components in an indoor/outdoor NEMA 3R painted steel enclosure. A service label shall be located on or near the system failure signal, with instructions to call Delta Environmental Products at 1-800-219-9183 for assistance.


All necessary piping and valves inside the plant shall be PVC and be provided by the manufacturer. At the exterior wall of the plant, as shown on the plans, the manufacturer shall provide properly sized inlet and outlet connections. The manufacturer shall not be responsible for piping or valves outside the plant. Contractor or owner shall be responsible for necessary piping and valves between all systems.

Workmanship and Experience

All workmanship and materials shall be of the highest quality. The waste treatment plant shall be the product of an experienced manufacturer actively engaged in manufacturing and research and development of sewage treatment systems. NSF International test documents shall be available upon request of the Engineer.

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