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Homeowner Care And Operation Instructions

The ECOPOD-NFixed Film Wastewater Treatment System has been designed and built to provide long term, reliable and efficient service.

Once the unit has been installed, (see installation instructions) the unit will operate with a minimum amount of attention.

Please reference the system’s Data Plates that are located on the tank, air pump and the alarm panel in the event that a problem arises or service is required.

The following should be accomplished as checks for system failure:


Observe the warning device, which comes on when the power to the air pump has been interrupted or when the air supply system has malfunctioned or when there is a high water level in the treatment plant. If the alarm is activated check for a blown fuse or thrown circuit breaker. Check air pump to be sure it is operating. Once accustomed to the soft humming sound of a properly operating unit, any unusual noise is an indication of malfunction. If an unusual noise is detected or total failure is observed, call your local dealer for service.


Check the treatment plant for offensive odor. If such a condition should develop, call an authorized Delta dealer/distributor.

Every 3 Months:

The air filter on the air pump should be cleaned. Rinse with warm water if necessary. (See installation instructions). Do not use oil or other solvents.

Every 6 Months:

Inspect and make any necessary adjustments to mechanical and electrical components.

Inspect effluent quality’s color, turbidity and check for any odor.

Take a sample from the reactor tank to check the sludge level described in the “Solids Removal” section.

The homeowner must be notified in writing if any improper operation is observed and cannot be corrected at the time of service.


To keep maintenance to a minimum and ensure high effluent quality, the following items should not be permitted to enter the system.


Items Not Permitted In System

  • Strong disinfectants or bleaches, other than small amounts normally utilized in day to day cleaning and laundry (be conservative). Laundry detergents recommended for use are low-sudsing, low phosphates and biodegradable, such as Gain, Arm & Hammer, All, Fresh Start and Dash Bright.

  • Discharge from water softener.

  • Any type of oils, greases, or other chemical wastes.

  • Disposable baby diapers and wipes.

  • Sanitary napkins, condoms or other similar items.

  • Hair, bandages, rags or string.

  • Latex, plastic or metallic objects.

  • Coffee grounds or cigarette butts.

  • Mud or sticks.

  • Paper towels, napkins or Kleenex

  • Tidy Bowl type products.

  • Beer waste or any other rich liquids.

  • Garbage disposal should be used sparingly, not as a method of disposing all solid food waste. In order to ensure good plant operation, waste should be disposed of in the garbage container.

The ECOPOD-NFixed Film Wastewater Treatment System is designed to handle domestic wastewater and nothing else should go into it. For anything other than domestic wastewater contact Delta Environmental Products™.

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