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The Oregon

The Newsletter of the Oregon Council of the Federation of Fly Fishers

Fall 2003 • Volume 16 Issue 3

Fly Fishing the Northwest Show

By Don Y. Abing – Show Chair

Our show committee’s anticipation keeps building each day as our council’s first three day fly fishing show in Seaside, Oregon nears. We have large assortment of fantastic program providers scheduled to appear for our show. Les Johnson is providing a brand new show on fly fishing for sea run cutthroat trout. Marc Williamson is sharing his new power point presentation of fly fishing retreats for wild fish, in the Cascade Mountains. Joe Warren is conducting a program about fly fishing for many species of fish that inhabit the Columbia River from near it’s source to all the way down river to the ocean.

Jim Schollmeyer, author and outdoor photographer will share his experiences chasing some major and minor hatches around the Pacific Northwest. Fly fishing article writer, Phil Rowley and fly tying, and fly fishing author, Art Lingren are traveling from British Columbia to provide an array fly fishing information. Rick Hafele is appearing for our visitors and providing entertainment and education about “important bugs for favorite fish.” A fly fishing legend, Henry Hoffman will educate and entertain us with the true story of “super hackles.” Want to know more about the investment you’ve made after acquiring your fly fishing book collection? Visit with literary expert Lory Watkins before you make your next book purchase. An assembly of our Pacific Northwest’s finest and extraordinary contemporary bamboo fly rod makers are coming to the show to enjoy and participate in an extended bamboo rod symposium. For the price of admission, you can meet these modern day fly rod craftsmen, and see and sample their wonderful works of art.

Clinics…clinics….clinics…..mixed in with a few great workshops await those who sign-up to quench their thirst for fly fishing knowledge. A careful selection of clinics and workshops was conducted in order to provide unique, historical, specialized, and entertaining, fly fishing education. Investing in our show’s clinics and workshops is a wise choice of spending your savings. Our valuable and thought provoking clinics and workshops are designed to provide a special learning experience for our participants. For a very modest price, the following instructors will help their students to be proficient and confident fly fishers.

Fly fishing and tying author and teache , Lee Clark is prepared

One of many casting clinics available at the Fly Fishing the Northwest Show.

to provide new and standard tying techniques using poly yarn. Gordon MacKenzie of Redcastle is suspending his first chair tying duties with Hard , to fly in from Scotland and teach new techniques of weaving durable, life-like, and productive patterns using various hairs. Pioneer guide, commercial fly tier, and celebrated Pacific Northwest’s fly fisher, Chuck Cameron, who has fly caught numerous Albacore tuna and striped bass has agreed to share with paying customers; his most guarded fly patterns for sea run cutthroat trout that inhabit lower Columbia River tributaries.

Brand new to our Pacific Northwest is warmwater fly tying expert, Charles Barton. We’ve heard about, and fished with spey patterns for steelhead and salmon. Charles will show his students a new an effective spey pattern for smallmouth bass. For better or worse, we certainly have a lot of smallmouth visitors who’ve made their homes is our trout waters. Why not learn about another effective tool to catch them? Fly fishing shows are a great venue to learn a lot about fly tying personalities, techniques, and innovative uses for a variety of new and old synthetic, and natural materials.

Truly special for our show is our council’s first opportunity to honor fly tying celebrities who have made a moral and financial commitment to be members of our Federation of Fly Fishers. We have provided three show days for our FFF member fly tiers to share with our visitors, a variety of fly patterns used in art work, and used to angle for numerous species of sport and rough fish. Jeff Mac Lean, Alec Jackson, Henry Hoffman, and John Lindsey are just a few of the many talented FFF members patiently waiting to show you “the right stuff!”

John Lindsey is a current world record holder of a fly fished and caught largemouth bass. His bass was caught and released to Texas state fish and wildlife officials for scientific purposes. Come to the show and see John’s facsimile of his record bass.

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