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EDUC 1000  jdietric    Study Guide   Chapter 6:  Cognitive---Infancy and Toddlerhood

1. Describe Piaget’s view of development, noting how SCHEMES change over the course of development.

2. Explain assimilation and accommodation using examples.

3. Explain the major cognitive achievements of Piaget’s sensorimotor state.  Use examples in the explanation.

4. Discuss the follow up research on Piaget’s sensorimotor development and the implications for this theory.

5. Discuss changes in attention, memory, and categorization that take place over the first two years.  

6.  Explain how Vygotsky’s concept of the ZONE OF PROXIMAL development expands our understanding of early cognitive development.

7.  Describe the environmental influences on early mental development, including home, child care, and early intervention for at-risk infants and toddlers.   

8.  Describe the theories of language development, emphasis on innate and environmental influences.

9.  Describe the major milestones of language development in the first two years and possible individual differences.

10.  Explain ways adults can support emerging language develop…think home, daycare, and school.

11.  Explain why language comprehension develops ahead of production—citing examples.

12.  Describe the characteristics of infants words and phrases---using examples.

12.  Explain how child-directed speech and conversation support early language development----citing examples.

13. Discuss cultural and individual differences in early language development.  Explain why the differences occur.

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