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Dealer Details

Volume 17, No. 1

Newsletter of the DMV Business Regulation Section

Summer 2009


  • Handbook update, Page 2

  • Some lenders file DMV

paperwork, Page 2

  • Plate fees to rise, Page 2

  • Dealer Sanctions, Pages 3-4

  • 2 DMV offices to close

temporarily, Page 4

  • Lemon vehicles need title

brand, Page 5

  • ‘Clunkers’ rush, Page 5

  • New vehicle fees, Page 6

DMV Business Regulation Section

Oregon Department of Transportation (503) 945-5052

Section Manager Chris Ratliff, (503) 945-5283

Investigation Team Chief Investigator Ron A. Kramer, (503) 945-5281

Investigators Barbara Caine, Denzel Gifford, Ron Irving, David Jurgenson, Robb McCracken, Rick Parsons, Larry Purdy Support: Esther Reynoso

Business License Unit Supervisor Chuck Hoffman Staff: Betty Fox, Susan Kanode, Karen White

Dealer Details Editor David House


Form 735-7022 (9-2009)

ODAC topics range from cash to clunkers

The third-quarter Oregon Dealer Advisory Committee was held July 23 at DMV Headquarters in Salem. The first topic on the agenda was to address member questions about the financial stability of the Business Regulation sec- tion in the tough economic times.

The members of ODAC were pleased to hear that the number of lic- ensees has stabilized. Business Regu- lation Manager Chris Ratliff and sev- eral DMV employees have been work- ing on a forecasting tool to use to de- termine when and if a fee increase would be needed. The first estimate is that Business Regulation has sufficient reserve funds to cover cost above in- come for at least two more years.

Wally Gray wanted to discuss the issue of lenders who are requiring deal- ers to submit title and registration pa- perwork to them (as lien holder) for submission to DMV rather than allow- ing the dealer to submit the documents. This makes it difficult for dealers to prove they have submitted the paper- work to DMV.

Ron Kramer, chief of investigations, said DMV hasn’t seen many issues aris- ing from this business practice. He said this practice is usually done by only the higher-risk lending institutions.

The dealer has 25 days to submit the paperwork, and that is what the in- vestigators check when they review the paperwork. Ron said dealers should put documentation in their iles to prove when the paperwork was submitted to

either DMV or the lien holder.

Difficulties with the “Cash for Clunkers” program was the next topic. The rules seemed to be ever changing. Major isses with the federal program were that there was not enough fund- ing, that the trade-in vehicle’s engine must be destroyed and that the federal government had yet to create all the necessary forms.

Mike Wagner opened discussion about bills from the 2009 Oregon Leg- islature. He explained House Bills 2040, 2578, 2738, 2377 and 2553.

MaryAnnTrout talked about prob- lems with Senate Bill 961 and explained why the dismantler part of the legisla- tion was dropped.

Darrell Fuller said Senate Bills 103 and 570 – the scrap metal bills – passed, along with House Bills 2039 and 2268.

Lori Bowman reviewed the fee in- creases, including registration and plate manufacturing fees, from HB2001, and Monty King talked about HB2564. Chris Ratliff talked about Senate Bills 124 and 578.

The next ODAC meeting is sched- uled for Thursday, Oct. 22, at DMV Headquarters in Salem. Topics to be discussed will include: “Vehicle Equip- ment Inspections for Dual Sport/Off Road Motorcycles”; “Business Regu- lations Financial reports”; and “Vehicle Appraiser license requirements.”

  • Mike Wagner

ODAC Chairman

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