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Summer 2009

New vehicle fees take effect Oct. 1

Current fee $55 $90

New fee $77 No change



As a result of new legislation, DMV will collect different fees for various vehicle-related transactions.All new revenue generated from the increase in vehicle fees will be divided between the state, city and county for use on vari- ous transportation projects throughout the state.

List of affected fees

Titles Regular Heavy vehicle (over 26,000 lbs.)


Registration, plates and custom plates

Transactions completed by a dealer through Sept. 30, 2009, but submitted to DMV after Oct. 1, 2009, will be accepted with the old title and plate fees (for replacement plates) until Nov. 16, 2009.

Transactions completed by a dealer on or after Oct. 1, 2009, are subject to the new title and plate fees.

The registration fees collected are based on the registration period of the vehicle, rather than the transaction date.

If the dealer is collecting registra- tion fees for a vehicle with a registra- tion period or an expiration date in October 2009 or later, the increased registration fees should be collected regardless of the transaction date.

If collecting registration fees for a vehicle with a registration period or an expiration date that is before Oct. 1, dealers should collect the old registra- tion fees.

If the registration expires on or af- ter Oct. 1, 2009, dealers should col- lect the new plate fees.

All ElectronicVehicle Registration transaction sales occurring prior to Oct. 1, 2009, that are finalized on or after Oct. 1, 2009, cannot be finalized through the EVR system because of the change in fees. These transactions must be mailed diretly to: DMV Headquar- ters, EVR Desk, orVehicle Mail, 1905



Current fee

New fee

Passenger, including

Initial 4-year



hybrid or electric




Light trailers

Initial 4-year



(8,000 lbs. or less)




Motorcycles and

Initial 4-year







2- or 3- wheeled






Current fee $25

New fee $50

Current fee $3 $5

New fee $12 $23

Current fee $21 $20 $5 $10

New fee $43 $30 $7.50 $15

electric vehicles Low-speed vehicles

Custom plates Annual custom fee

Plate manufacturing fee Single plate Pair

Trip permits Heavy motor vehicle Light vehicle New registered vehicle Dealer 10-day permit


LanaAve. NE, Salem, OR 97314.

Trip permits As of Oct. 1, 2009, dealers will not be able to issue trip permits that list the old fee.

Dealer Trip Permits – DMV will create two smaller trip permit books (books of five trip permits each) for dealer trip permits (form 735-306a) and dealer no-sticker trip permits (form 735-307a).

New Registered Vehicle trip permits

  • HB 2001 created a new fee for the

registered vehicle trip permit that pre- viously was issued with the registration weight trip permit. There will now be a separate permit for these two trip per- mits (new registered vehicle trip permit

  • form 735-303B and the registration

weight trip permit – form 725-303).

For additional information, call (503) 945-5000 or (503) 299-9999 (Portland Metro Area), or visit www.OregonDMV.com.

  • Deb Mercer

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