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Off To See The Lobstah…And Back Again By Cheryl Reidy

Well, we set off to see the Lobstah on Thursday night, March 23. Let me begin by saying that at last year’s convention our bellhop, Tony, declared that we had the most STUPH he had ever seen for just 2 people for a weekend. So, this year I decided to buy a new SUV to hold even more. And Toni and I packed that sucker to the gills. Way too many clothes, of course, and too much food, not to mention lights, decorations, soda, booze, and two crock pots.

We spent the night at a cute motel in Ogunquit, and got up early to make our way to the Cliff House. On our way we happened upon a Dollar Store, and detoured right in. Twenty bucks (each) later we resumed our odyssey and found the hotel. Unfortunately our room wasn’t ready yet. While we waited we pondered the fact that the room could be dirty when no one had stayed in it since the end of the previous season. Eventually it was ready, and we made our way to #649. Yes, that was on the sixth floor. Unlike #642 which was on the fifth floor. Or # 610, which was on the fourth. Back in March 2005, when we registered, we asked for adjoining rooms with Carol Shapiro and Kelly Connerton. We found out that they were in #512, which was on the first floor. Not adjoining, as a matter of fact, not even on adjoining floors!

We unpacked our stuph as quickly as possible, and headed for the mini mart to shop for more stuph. And to buy raffle tickets, of course.

The next thing you know it was time for a skit rehearsal. It didn’t go well. The hardest part this year seemed to be getting people together. We NEVER had ONE rehearsal with the entire cast. And the Friday evening run- through was no exception. It didn’t inspire confidence in any of us. So we all went to see the Jumbo Circus Peanuts dressed in our Mardi Gras finery and tried to relax.

Friday night was a sleepless one for some of us. First we were the Parrot Head Saint Bernard team, finding lost and inebriated Parrot Heads and returning them to their rightful rooms. Then, when we finally returned to our own rooms we laid awake thinking about all the things that could go wrong with the skit in the morning. At about 4:30 am one of the lost wandering Parrot Heads knocked on our door, and we sent him on his way.

Saturday morning came very early. We hit the breakfast buffet, then the lobster auction, and then it was time. We lucked out when they drew for the order, we got to go last. So we got to enjoy the other two skits first. Then we were on, and the song, Bank Of Bad Habits, just flew by. None of us really got to see it, we were too busy minding our own parts. But we heard the reaction when Steve came out in his “barfly” outfit. And when Rick’s face came out of Sandie’s cleavage covered in popcorn. And when Don, demonstrating the sin of LUST, whipped open his choir robe to reveal some pretty interesting paraphernalia. Not to mention Jen Lynch, handcuffed to a bed, walking on to represent trouble. It went well. We won. For the third year in a row! And this year we won, not just bragging rights, but also a check for $500 for the American Cancer Society Relay For Life.

It wouldn’t have been possible without all our “volunteers,” some of whom we practically dragged, kicking and screaming, into the process because we kept losing people. So a big thank you to all the old stand-bys, and to all the newbies as well.

We never made it to the pool party. We lost – BIG TIME – at the lobster races. And we didn’t do well at the Parrot Head Feud, (mainly because the survey answers were so stupid…Name something beginning with the letter B that you take to a Buffett tailgate party and burgers were not on the list, come on…) But did we have a blast? You bet. And did we head home with more stuph than we started out with? Of course. We have a new banner that says Skit Contest Winners 2006, and a giant cardboard check for $500.

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