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PHCOEM “Passport”

Take your PHCOEM Passport and travel the world! As you know from reading the Manana Times, our monthly PHCOEM Thirstdays are held in a few different locations throughout Massachusetts. All of our socials are a great time, and we’re hoping you’ll take this opportunity to visit club members in other areas. And we’ll make it worth your while.

There’s an official, PHCOEM Passport below. Cut it out and take it with you as you visit the different PHCOEM Thirstday locations. When you visit a location, have the host sign and date your Passport. After you’ve visited 5 locations, we’ll be happy to present you with a handled glass mug beautifully etched with our club logo. A unique remembrance of your world tour that you’ll be able to use proudly at club events. Just turn your completed Passport in to any of the PHCOEM travel agents (Bored of Directors).

Yes, you will still get your parrot points regardless of where you attend a meeting. Just sign the attendance sheet like you normally do. We allocate 1 parrot point per member per month for attending the PHCOEM Thirstday. So yes, you can get that jet-powered limo and attend 5 different locations in one night to fill your Passport, but you’ll only get 1 point. Your Passport doesn’t expire either, take as long as you want to attain your sign-offs in 5 different locations.

Plus, what a great opportunity to show your Parrot Head colors!! Dress up with 5 different themes to visit each location, go for it! Parrot theme here, fins theme there, Pirates, Patriots, mermaids, we’re sure our members don’t need any encouragement!

Fill in your name as The Traveler, and you’re on your way!

Have a great tour!

PHCOEM Passport

Destination #1:

Destination #2: Destination #3: Destination #4:

Destination #5:

Have your Passport signed and dated at 5 different PHCOEM Thirstday locations. Return your completed passport to Bill G.


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