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Message From ~ The Prez ~

Summer! Ah, I just love saying the word. Yes we’re on the door step. Sun, fun, frivolity. No layering, no shoveling, no salt, no gloves, no scraping the windows. When I gotta go where it’s warm, I just walk outside.

Plenty of club activities on tap the next few months, so get out and enjoy!

Unbelievable job on our club “cultural” basket for the New England Parrot Head convention this year. Patty Comoletti and Mike Kovalski did an exceptional job putting this together for us. The list of items in the basket went out to the club on 3/18 and it took me a while to read everything that was in it. Thank you Mike and Patty!!!!

Well, by now you should have a really good idea about how the club is run. The past several MT’s have totally stepped through the PHCOEM philosophy (at least mine), our operations, rules, by-laws, our mission statement, organization, who does what, how they do it, when it gets done, how we plan, who/what PHIP is, etc.

I’ve also given you a complete explanation of all your options of how to communicate within the club, the web page, the Manana Times, elections, campaigning, Thirstday events, what kind of people join our club and why, what Parrot Heads are, what it’s like to be on the BOD and what the expectations are, prizes and give-aways, the buddy system, event checklists, and raffles. You’ve also seen our annual reports, so you know what our community contributions are. No stone has been left unturned!!

Except one, that may affect you and just came up recently. So, here it is. According to PHIP, any club member that would like to attend a concert at another venue, and would like to get tickets through the local club (club tickets), that member can request that the President of their club contact the President of the host club, and request tickets for them. If extra tickets are available, they can be made available to other clubs. For example, PHCOEM tickets are designated for the Tweeter Center, if you were interested in attending a show in Las Vegas and wanted to see if there were any Las Vegas club tickets available, you would contact me and I would contact them for you. I think that wraps it all up.

But as with any good organization, we are always trying to make improvements. The past couple of months we have been trying to get all our organizers lined up for the next few months. We are also putting the finishing touches on the club operating manual.

Did you get the answers to the crossword puzzle in the last MT? The theme was “where are Margaritaville’s located?”



  • 1.

    Beach - Myrtle

  • 5.

    Mistaka - Jamaica

  • 7.

    SC - Charleston

  • 2.

    New Orleans - Louisiana

  • 3.

    Key West - Florida

  • 4.

    Mexico - Cancun

8. Las Vegas – Nevada 6. Mickey - Orlando


Anagrams The Presidents Challenge

Ready to have your wits tested again?! For all you Parrot Head menses out there, try these:

Local places you’d find Jimmy Buffett

  • 1.

    Recent, wet tree

  • 2.

    Good waster

  • 3.

    Freaky pawn

  • 4.

    Unhappier, I am a boils

  • 5.

    Use Sheraton, fools!

  • 6.

    Enigma rubs

  • 7.

    Oh! A ramblers

Jimmy’s band members

  • 1.

    Flea sorcerer

  • 2.

    Hell! I'm a cutey

  • 3.

    Interbreed or egg

  • 4.

    Chap and mad roll

  • 5.

    My repartee

  • 6.

    Grr! To huge

  • 7.

    Gosh! Dreamily

  • 8.

    Lout in slacking

  • 9.

    Her the prayer

  • 10.

    On a rakish hoard

(Check “Ask Bill” for answers)

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