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Jennifer “Pants” Lynch PO Box 850575 Braintree, MA 02185 781-843-0641 pants@beld.net

Hey pholks, thanks for taking the time to read my bio and resume for the position of President. I put a lot of thought into whether or not to run and obviously, I decided to! I feel that the club president needs to be an active and visible member of the organization. Now that I am no longer working two jobs, I feel I have the time necessary to help the other Bored Members run the club.

Now for fun and not-so-fun facts in no particular order!

  • Birthday: July 5, 1968

  • Marital Status: Engaged! John and I are getting married this August 26th

  • Hometown: Wilmington (but Braintree is growing on me!)

  • Employer: Reebok

  • Nickname: Pants – because I’ve been told that I “wear the pants” in all my relationships. Personally, I consider myself more of a facilitator but Pants just sounded better…

  • Attended the first ever club event at Capone’s in Peabody

  • Member of PHCOEM Since: If my faulty memory serves me correctly, since 1994 (or in general terms, a LONG time)

  • Annually run the Special Olympics Passion Plunge event, in addition to jumping into the cold Atlantic!

  • Ticket coordinator for PHCOEM from 1995 – 2000

  • Ticket coordinator for the New England region 1995 – present

  • 2nd PHCOEM Treasurer/Membership Director – converted method of storing club money, in a plastic jar from Al Mosier, to a checking account and developed the first computer-based database for club member data

  • Treasurer for the 1999 New England Convention in Framingham

  • 6th inductee of the PHCOEM Hall of Phame

  • I have attended all 11 New England Conventions and was one of the first members to attend the Meeting of the Minds (back in the day when they were in New Orleans!)

  • I can make a pretty damn good scorpion bowl

  • Two bachelor degrees from UMass-Lowell, so I’m wicked smaht!

  • Have excellent working relationships with all the New England clubs

  • John and I have 2 kids, I mean cats, Monte and Nicky

  • I’ve seen the Southern Cross (and I understood why I came that way…)

  • Have been attending shows since 1988

A few other things that I think are important for the club that I will work with the bored and general membership to do: Make the club better, as opposed to bigger Have open bored meetings a minimum of 3 times a year Distribute charity funds in a timelier manner Hold annual corporation meeting separate for any other events

If you have any questions or would like to talk to me about my candidacy, please contact me at 781-843-0641 or pants@beld.net

And last, but certainly not least, Vote for Pants!

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