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May / June 2006 – Volume XIV – Issue IX - page 25 / 32





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Interview with Al Mosier Recent CD release of “Coaster”

MT investigative reporters caught up with Al Mosier recently to discuss the release of his most recent collection of songs titled Coaster. Available at http://cdbaby.com/cd/almosier

As many of you may, or may not know, Al is one of the founding fathers of PHCOEM. Al was also the first club Secretary, and remains a loyal member.

You may have enjoyed some of Al’s literary work in past MT’s until the headline of “Somewhere Over China”.

As with Jimmy Buffett, Al has a variety of interests ranging from arranging songs, to his zeal for teaching. Yes, Al covers it all from A to Z.

Al was very pleasant during our interview and gave us some insight to the recording process as he answered these questions:

MT: Thank you for sharing that Al, maybe our next investigative report can be an interview with the lovely Beth about her experience! Which song on the album is the hit single?

AL: General consensus seems to be "Jordan Sails." It's about a girl I teach with that is a charter captain on a sailboat in the BVI during the summer.

MT: When you accept your Grammy, which Grammy do you think it will be?

AL: Best new artist (even if I'm already 53!). Either that or "CD most likely to be played on Radio St. Lucia." They still have that category, right?

MT: That may be the Latin Grammys Al. Who will you thank?

MT: How did you come up with a name like Coaster for your CD?

AL: I will thank all the little people. Anyone under 5' 6" to be exact. How tall are you again, Bill?

AL: A coaster is a ship that never ventures far out to sea. It hugs the coastline. I also thought if someone didn't like the songs they could at least use the CD for a boat drink coaster.


So the CD is actually multi-dimensional.

What was your inspiration for the music?

MT: Well I’m over the line at the gate to get on the tilt-a-whirl so I probably will not be on the thank-you list. We’ve always wondered how long it takes to record a CD. How much time did you spend in the recording studio?

AL: Funny you should ask. All the songs are based on true-life situations. They are about people I've met and places I've gone. My wife's favorite is "She Drank The Water" because she did on St. Lucia and paid the price. Drink beer when you're down island. It's safer.


About four very full days. I did a lot of the

preparation at home before going in.

Helped save

time and money, and that was important.

Some of

the work was done by the studio between my visits.

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