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May / June 2006 – Volume XIV – Issue IX - page 3 / 32





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One of the topics members requested in the last survey was to see the BOD meeting minutes. It never occurred to me that anyone would actually find them interesting, but here they are. You may

In conjunction with the Thirstdays, Kathy accepted an action to check with CA’s concerning participating in Thirstday activities.

want to be sure you have a few cold Coronas at your side before reading on.

April Thirstday game will be Coloring Contest of The Club Logo.

2/17/6 meeting minutes Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm

Set the next Bored Meeting date and location

Bored members discussed Family / Individual membership in relation to parrot points to clarify questions from new BOD members. The policy is on the web page.

Bored discussed Copywriting our new logo. In conjunction with the copyright discussion we stated that we do not allow anyone to use our logo, whether for sale or donation. Any replication or distribution of the club logo will be by permission of the BOD.

Holiday Party update – Kathy reviewed a partial event feedback form for the holiday party. BOD members gave input and conversation followed. Kathy took an action to complete the form and forward to the BOD for review. The Bored voted in favor of donating Holiday Party proceeds to the New Hampshire Flood Victims Charity. Proceeds totaled $950.00 and PHCOEM will donate $50.00, bringing total donation to $1,000.00.

Bored voted in favor of Al Mosier to offer his CD to members through the Listserv.

Kathy updated Bored on the February Thirstday games. There were locations that did not run this event, which will be addressed with these Ambassadors.

The 2006 charity and social calendar of events were discussed. Many of these dates are still unknown, and will be furnished to The Bored as they become available. In conjunction with the 2006 event discussion, Bill distributed a table listing events, date, location, and BOD “Buddy”. We discussed that, in general, Kathy should be the person that contacts event organizers for social events and Dave Howe should contact organizers for the charity events. In some specific isolated cases (Bill > Jolly Jaunt and a general message to the club list serv, Paul > membership pool party and Haverhill games) we selected other individuals to make the contacts. We updated the list with more accurate information. Bill has an action to distribute the updated list. We need the BOD contact to get confirmation from the suggested organizer before the next BOD meeting.

We had asked the Club Ambassadors to submit an article on their meetings but no Thirstday articles were submitted for the MT.

Bill took an action to meet with Special Olympics to confirm 2006 events and dates We need these by 3/21 to make the next MT.

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