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~ Ask Bill ~ The questions that bother us so….

Q: Dear Bill,

Can you share the responses to the survey you circulated back in January? Signed, Bambi

A: Dear Bambi,

You know it! I just had to wait for them to stop coming in so I could summarize. I actually had them done in March, just had to wait for the next MT. Hope you had fun filling them out! See the question and answer list below.

I’ll be sure to present all the ideas to the BOD. Hopefully we can incorporate as many as possible into the 2006 plan.

  • 1.

    Any new ideas of where to hold an event?

    • Any centrally located location with good parking access.

    • Walk-a-thon to raise money for women

      • +

        children’s shelter.

    • Martha’s Vineyard

    • Hampton Beach

    • Not really.

    • Brockton Rocks baseball, Lowell Lochmonsters.

    • Day sail

    • Busto amusement park

    • Cancer relay for life (2)

    • Beach day

    • Poker tournament

    • More harbor cruises

    • Team games in Tweeter parking lot

    • Disney world!

    • Mass Bay Community College

    • Foxwood’s or Mohegan Sun.

    • Cheers at Faneuil Hall

  • 2.

    Any new ideas of what activities we could offer

at an event?

  • How about a movie fundraiser.

  • Raise money for the Jimmy Fund at a North Shore Spirit game

  • Parrot Head Olympics

  • Christmas in the Caribbean (summer time party)

  • Bowling.

  • Roller skating

    • Duval crawl

    • Pub crawl, preferably somewhere with pubs (2)

    • The duck boats again in august.

    • More free beer at parties, more weekend parties.

    • Texas hold’em party

    • Provide day care during parties.

    • Club trip to Disney world.

    • Gambling

    • Collect backpacks filled with school supplies and give them to the DSS and local children’s support agencies in August so kids have new supplies in September.

    • Give the DSS suitcases to keep in their office so when they have to remove kids from homes they don’t have to use rubbish bags for their belongings.

  • 3.

    What would you like to see on the agenda of an

open Bored Of Directors meeting?

  • Would like to attend one first before

making any suggestions (new member).

  • More summer events

  • Better seats

  • Can’t think of any

  • New charity options

  • Recruitment

  • Post BOD mtg minutes on the web site


    • Have an open BOD meeting and schedule it in the Manana Times

    • Would like to see agenda

    • Texas hold’em game

  • 4.

    What would you ask Jimmy Buffett if you had

the chance?

  • If you didn’t live the life you currently do, what career path would you take?

  • Have him attend a local meeting and dinner.

  • Why did he stop flying the Hemisphere Dancer?

  • What was the happiest day of his life?

  • Do you regret writing “I’m glad I don’t live in a trailer”?

  • Did you ever dream you’d be such an icon?

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