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Test and Troubleshoot


LinkSprinterNetwork Tester

An affordably priced pocket-sized network tester that identifies Ethernet problems in less than nine seconds. With its one-button auto-test design, smartphone integration, and automatic cloud storage of test data, the LinkSprinter helps the PC technician, system integrator, home networking enthusiast and other consumers identify, document, store and remedy Ethernet problems from the palm of their hand.

  • Test results sent to the LinkSprinter Cloud Service

  • Test details delivered to your phone or tablet browser1

  • Use the cloud service to store, manage, annotate and email test reports

  • Color-graded LEDs identify problem domain to PoE, Link, DHCP, Gateway and Cloud connectivity


Description LinkSprinter 100 Network Tester, 2 AA batteries, lanyard, getting started guide LinkSprinter 200 Network Tester, 2 AA batteries, lanyard, getting started guide

*Available in select countries, to learn more visit www.linksprinter.com



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Model Comparison Battery/PoE powered

One button, tri-state LED user interface Test results emailed to smartphone Cloud service for results management

Embedded Wi-Fi hotspot for viewing test details using a smartphone (phone not included)

To learn more visit: www.flukenetworks.com/linksprinter

See what experts say about LinkSprinter!

“5 out of 5 for making Ethernet testing not only more affordable but also easie .” ~ Networkworld.com

“Every tech should have one of these in their bag.” ~ Eli the Computer Guy

“It is ridiculously easy to run a test, works quickl , provides useful results and the Wi-Fi functionality with no app to install is brilliant!” ~ SmallNetBuilder.com

“Wi-Fi functionality with no app to install is great!” ~ SmallNetBuilder

“These are the kinds of things you should be doing everywhere. These are the kinds of things you should be doing every time.” ~ Enterprise Tech

“Will make IT guys want one for their tool box or pocket.” ~ Gadgeteer

“If you are needing an inexpensive and portable way to test connectivit , then you’ll love this device.” ~ Chambers Daily

“Easy to use and feature-packed automated network test tool.” ~ HandyManHowTo

“Fluke’s Linksprinter 200 is our Editors’ Choice for network troubleshooting tools because it brings smart, simple testing capabilities in a reasonably afford- able package.”

“The Fluke LinkSprinter eliminated the guesswork and quickly identifies network troubles.” ~ HandyManHowTo


AirCheckWi-Fi Testers

The AirCheck Wi-Fi Tester suite of tools allows frontline technicians to resolve basic Wi-Fi issues in a timely manner in order to avoid costly rework. As platform choices have evolved over the last few years, with the AirCheck Wi-Fi Tester suite, Fluke Networks provides multiple platform choices (dedicated hardware, Windows and Android) to meet the needs for any user.

  • First response Wi-Fi troubleshooting tools with simple and intuitive interfaces, specifically designed for frontline technicians to identify most common Wi-Fi issues quickly and efficiently

  • Eliminate costly and time-consuming escalations by solving the most common WLAN issues assigned to frontline technicians

  • An instant real-time view of the Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n/ac) environment including network availability, utilization, Wi-Fi security settings and rogue devices to troubleshoot most common Wi-Fi issues

  • Quickly identify and locate wireless clients and AP’s whether authorized or rogue

  • One-button AutoTest quickly provides a pass/fail indication of the wireless environment and identifies common problems. See wireless network utilization by channel and quickly determine if it is 802.11 traffic or non-802.11 interference

  • Single click Pass/Fail assessment of key end user applications such as web browsing, audio and video enabling technicians to confidently validate end-user experience

  • Collect real-world data by performing true end-user experience (throughput testing) measurements resulting in accurate wireless deployments

  • Achieve consistency by standardizing Wi-Fi deployment and Wi-Fi troubleshooting procedures enhancing productivity

  • Fast, simple documentation of wireless troubleshooting results for quick trouble ticket resolution or escalation



Gold 1YR

Gold 3YR


AirCheck Wi-Fi Tester—includes AirCheck tester, USB cable, soft case, Getting Started Guide, and CD with AirCheck Manager software and User Manual




Includes AirCheck tester, holster, external directional antenna, auto charger, getting started guide for Law Enforcement



AM/A3000-US/ WD/JP

AirCheck Wi-Fi Tester for Windows®: Includes software + 1 unit of AM/C1080-US or WD or JP,PROXIM ORINOCO 8494 802.11A/B/G/N USB ADAPTER




AirCheck Wi-Fi Tester For Android



Please note that not all features are supported across all products of the AirCheck Wi-Fi Tester family. To learn more visit: www.flukenetworks.com/content/aircheck-wi-fi-tester-product-family#Compare.

1-800-283-5853 (US and Canada) • www.flukenetworks.com

Test and Troubleshoot


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