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Tap Solutions

Fluke Networks now offers VSS Monitoring network packet brokers (NPB) as an option when purchasing our network monitoring and troubleshooting solutions. VSS Monitoring is the leader in network packet brokers, allowing you to make optimal use of your network monitoring and security tools. VSS provides a highly scalable, systems-based approach to packet brokering. With the unique vMesh architecture, up to VSS 256 appliances can be interconnected to form a fully-redundant, self-healing, and scalable packet brokering fabric, providing complete network visibility and data access, and greater tool efficiency and ROI.

VSS NPB improves visibility, efficiency and ROI of network intelligence tools. Deployed globally by 80% of the world’s tier 1 service providers, 1,000+ large corporations and major government agencies, the VSS NPB allows hundreds of meshed packet brokers to optimize tools as a single, fault-tolerant system. This system-based approach gives organizations these advantages:

  • Visibility: Bring more complete link-level visibility to broader tool categories

  • Scalability: Keep up with network bandwidth growth more easily and cost-effectively

  • Simplicity: Manage NPB devices more easily, as a single system, with backward and forward compatibility

  • For Service Providers: Improve operational efficiency. Empower service assurance and monitoring infrastructure for 4G/LTE and fixed network services.

  • For Enterprise: Maximize your tools’ ROI. Optimize the performance and longevity of your network monitoring and security systems.

Model TAP Series

Description Highly resilient access from full-duplex networks, making traffic available for network monitoring and security tools

vBroker™ Series

High capacity packet brokers that provide network-wide visibility, data access and optimization for network monitoring and security tools. Support up to 100Gbps

Distributed Series

Mid-range packet brokers that provide cost-effective and scalable network-wide visibility and data access for network monitoring and security tools

To learn more visit: www.flukenetworks.com/vss


Telephone Butt-in Test Sets

Complete line of analog butt-in telephone test sets provides the view you need to ensure telecommunications services

Fluke Networks offers the most comprehensive line of telephone test sets to meet the voice and data demands of telecommunications technicians. Our DropSafe™ reliability and RainSafe™ protection ensure maximum ruggedness, even in the most extreme conditions. Our DataSafe™ technology is vital in preventing interruption of existing data traffic, and our DSL/POTS filtering technology goes one step further to allow testing on the POTS side of a line even while data is present.

We continually improve our line of butt-in test sets to ensure technicians have the right features to match their application needs – with the most flexible options for every budget.

Telephone Test Set Comparison TS®52 PRO LCD Test Set TS®54 TDR Test Set TS®30 Test Set TS®22 Series Test Sets TS®25D LCD Test Set TS®19 Test Set Modular Adapters Line Cords and Clips

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