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Access Network Test Equipment

Complete line of access network test sets for the successful installation and troubleshooting of carrier Ethernet, xDSL and special services

Effective installation and maintenance solutions are essential to keep customers happy and technicians productive. Award-winning field test products earned their reputation where it matters most: on the job.

We offer test and troubleshooting solutions that address a wide range of technologies and applications, from POTS to carrier Ethernet, xDSL to IP, and more. Whether it’s validating service level agreements (SLAs) for carrier-class Ethernet services, qualifying and deploying ADSL2/2+ or VDSL services, isolating cable faults, eliminating noise problems, or stress testing circuits prior to service installation, Fluke Networks powerful tools help technicians get to the solution fast.

CopperProSeries II Broadband Loop Tester 990DSL CopperProLoop Tester CopperPro TerminatorFar End Terminating Device 635 QuickBERT-T1 Test Set Voltage Detector

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CopperProSeries II Broadband Loop Tester

The CopperPro Series II is the complete test set for qualifying your local loop for ADSL, ADSL2/2+, VDSL and special services. It packs all the test, analysis and troubleshooting capabilities an OSP technician needs into one integrated, handheld tool. New features include broadband noise identification for VDSL, advanced TDR capabilities for locating short bridge taps and other VDSL-affecting impairments. Rugged construction and easy-to-use features give your technicians the ability build, repair, install, and maintain OSP systems more efficiently with fewer repeats.

  • Quickly qualify the facilities for DSL services including ADSL, VDSL, HDSL, T1 and other special services

  • Easily identify and locate possible problems to ensure reliable performance

  • Install new services efficiently with fewer call-backs

  • Verify connectivity and network performance to ensure that next-generation services perform up to your customers’ expectations

Model 990DSL2+ 990VDSL 990TL-SB/RF 990LT 990LT/TDR 990LT/DSL 990LT/VDSL

Description CopperPro Next Gen Copper Loop Analyzer w/TDR and wideband spectral analysis for ADSL2+ CopperPro Next Gen Copper Loop Analyzer w/TDR and wideband spectral analysis for VDSL RF Test lead set for 990DSL2+ or 990VDSL with spike+bed-of-nails piercing clips 990LT CopperPro Test Set—Next-generation loop analyzer (basic) TDR option for the 990LT CopperPro Test Set DSL option (2.2 MHz) for the 990LT CopperPro Test Set VDSL option (17.7 MHz) for the 990LT CopperPro Test Set with DSL option installed

To learn more visit: www.flukenetworks.com/copperpro

1-800-283-5853 (US and Canada) • www.flukenetworks.com

Access Network Test Equipment


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