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Access Network Test Equipment


990DSL CopperProLoop Tester

The CopperPro loop tester offers a broad range of Plain Old Telephone Services (POTS) troubleshooting, fault location and line qualification capabilities in an affordable package. Its Wideband/TDR option adds high-frequency transmission testing and qualification functions for services like ADSL, HDSL and HDSL2, ISDN, T1, E1 and DDS. And the TDR option adds precise fault location and analysis. CopperPro is packed with test, analysis and troubleshooting capabilities integrated with an easy-to-use toolbox interface that makes identifying and locating faults as simple as pushing a button.

  • Replaces up to 12 traditional test sets

  • Troubleshoots and qualifies lines for POTS, ADSL and other special services

  • Time Domain Reflectometer (TDR) feature allows precision fault locations

Model 990 DSL 990DSLWT 990TL-SB 990-CASE

Description CopperPro Loop tester Loop tester with wideband and TDR Test lead set (Spike and bed-of-nails) Deluxe transport bag

Gold 1YR GLD-990DSL N/A N/A N/A

To learn more visit: www.flukenetworks.com/990

CopperPro TerminatorFar End Terminating Device

The CopperPro family of loop testers packs a full complement of test and troubleshooting capabilities into one rugged, integrated tool for OSP technicians. You can expand those capabilities even further with Terminator—an accessory module to the 990DSL CopperPro that lets you perform terminated trans- mission testing quickly, easily, single-handedly. Together, the CopperPro and Terminator are a major advance in qualifying and troubleshooting copper access network circuits, including HDSL2/4. Nothing else on the market offers a more complete and effective solution for reducing failure frequency, repeats, and chronic problems with special services circuits.

  • Perform terminated transmission testing quickly, easily, single-handedly

  • Optimize your workforce with “one tech out” terminated testing of out-of-service pairs

  • High-speed acceptance/qualification tests, including loop attenuation—a must for HDSL2/4

  • Robust error checking eliminates time-consuming false starts and assures reliable communication

with the 990DSL CopperPro test set

  • Sweep thousands of frequencies in seconds

Model TN2100 TN-LEADS-B

Description Enhanced Terminator far end device Test lead set, bed-of-nail clip

To learn more visit: www.flukenetworks.com/terminator


635 QuickBERT-T1 Test Set

Compact, handheld T1 test set for construction, installation and troubleshooting applications. Instantaneous detection and display of framing, line coding, errors, alarms, level, frequency and more. In a single 4 lb (1.8 kg) package, the 635 includes all the basic T1 testing capabilities you would expect in a larger and more expensive tester. It performs bit-error tests, detects framing type, line coding and bit pattern, and displays signal level, frequency, clock slips, errors and alarms. The 635 transmits the most commonly used loop codes, including HDSL. Full, unframed and fractional (56k and 64k) T1 are supported, along with display of signaling and data bits and capture of DTMF

digits. Plus, individual voice channels may be monitored on the built-in speaker or over a headset.

  • Instantaneous detection and display of framing, line coding, errors, alarms, level, frequency and more

  • Transmits and receives common Bit Error Rate Test (BERT) patterns and includes all common loop codes

  • Compact, rugged and easy-to-use




QuickBERT-T1, carrying case, ToolPak™ hanging accessory, and necessary cables and adapters


2 Bantam-to-310 cables, 2 Bantam-to-alligator clip cables, 1 Bantam-to-RJ-48 cable


635 QuickBERT-T1 and cable kit

To learn more visit: www.flukenetworks.com/quickbert

Voltage Detector

In just a few seconds, a technician can determine if it’s safe to work around areas such as transformer cases and circuit breaker housings, power ground wires or newly-driven ground rods, mobile homes,

metallic siding or metal framing, pedestals, cross boxes or conduit, street light fixtures or electrical

machinery. The Voltage Detector is a proven life-saver, with more than 30 years of service in telecom- munications outside plant and power utility applications.

  • Helps protect against accidental electrocution

  • Is fast and easy-to-use. Handy as a flashlight

  • Rated to 20,000 Vac and 2,000 Vdc

Model C9970

Description Voltage Detector


Voltage Detector kit—includes Voltage Detector, probe cap, storage bag, temporary bond, ground cord and handbook


Voltage Detector kit with test plug

To learn more visit: www.flukenetworks.com/voltagedetector

1-800-283-5853 (US and Canada) • www.flukenetworks.com

Access Network Test Equipment


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