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This index alphabetically lists references in books to private owner railway wagons and tankers by company name. Each company is listed by an abbreviation of the book’s author and its page number. Coal Merchants who ran wagons are also included. Most of the references include either a photograph or drawing of the wagon.

It is not intended to be a comprehensive list of every private owner wagon built, merely of those that have appeared in books since 1969. Where there is only a description of the wagon or notes about the owner, but no photo or drawing, the reference has * next to it. Some of these [IP1/147 particularly] are as little as just a name with no location or any other details.

Locations of the companies are included unless it is obvious from the name on the wagon. If there is no location listed, particularly with the Welsh wagons, the name is the location (please check with an atlas).

In Bill Hudson’s first two books (BH1 & BH2), his index lists wagons by plate (ie photo) number rather than page. In this index, they are by page number. Wagons shown in the prefaces are listed by Roman numerals, eg BH2/vi. For his third & fourth volumes (BH3 & BH4), there are no page numbers so the references are to plates not pages.

Richard Tourret’s books are listed as RT, then RT2. There is no ‘RT1’.

Entries are usually by surname or place, for example ‘City of Nottingham’ is under ‘N’ not ‘C’ (but North, South, East or West are under N, S, E or W.) If there is likely to be any uncertainty, the name may be listed twice, eg, Griffith Thomas is under ‘G’ and ‘T’. ‘The’ at the start is ignored, eg ‘The Lothian Coal Co. Ltd’ is under ‘L’.

Comments in [ ] brackets are added by the compiler for clarity (he hopes!) Names in italics (eg [‘ROSSINGTON’] refer to the actual lettering on the wagon compared to the company name (in this case Rossington Main Colliery Co. Ltd) but this hasn’t been done in every instance.

Book Title and ISBN:Abbreviation:

Oil On The Rails by Alan CoppinISBN 9 780902 835173AC

The Modeller’s Sketchbook of Private Owner Wagons Book 1 by A G ThomasNo ISBNAT1

The Modeller’s Sketchbook of Private Owner Wagons Book 1 by A G ThomasNo ISBNAT2

The Modeller’s Sketchbook of Private Owner Wagons Book 1 by A G ThomasNo ISBNAT3

Private Owner Wagons for the Ince Waggon & Ironworks Co. by A J Watts ISBN 978-0902835252AW

Private Owner Wagons: Volume 1 by Bill HudsonISBN  0 902888 70 6BH1

Private Owner Wagons: Volume 2 by Bill HudsonISBN  0 902888 71 4BH2

Private Owner Wagons: Volume 3 by Bill HudsonISBN  0 86093 206 0BH3

Private Owner Wagons: Volume 4 by Bill HudsonISBN  0 9512793 0 0BH4

Private Owner Wagons by Bill Hudson [Oakwood Series X57]ISBN  9780853614920BH5

British Carriage & Wagon Builders & Repairers 1830 – 2006 by Chris SambrookISBN  9781899889273CS

Private Owner Wagons of the Forest of Dean by Ian PopeISBN 1 899889 09 4IP1

Private Owner Wagons of Gloucestershire by Ian PopeISBN  9781899889235IP2

Private Owner Wagons of Bristol & District by Ian PopeISBN  9781899889365IP3

Birmingham Railway Carriage & Wagon Company by J.Hypher & C&S WheelerISBN  1 870754 34 4JH

Private Owner Wagons from the Gloucester Railway

Carriage and Wagon Co., Ltd. by Keith MontagueISBN  9780860931249KM

Private Owner Wagons: A First Collection by Keith TurtonISBN  1 899889 12 4KT1

Private Owner Wagons: A Second Collection by Keith TurtonISBN  1 899889 14 0KT2

Private Owner Wagons: A Third Collection by Keith TurtonISBN  1 899889 16 7KT3

Private Owner Wagons: A Fourth Collection - Welsh Anthracite by Keith TurtonISBN  1 899889 19 1KT4

Private Owner Wagons: A Fifth Collection by Keith TurtonISBN  1 899889 22 1KT5

Private Owner Wagons: A Sixth Collection by Keith TurtonISBN  1 899889 25 9KT5

Private Owner Wagons: A Seventh Collection by Keith TurtonISBN  9781899889358KT7

Private Owner Wagons: An Eighth Collection by Keith TurtonISBN  9781899889426KT8

Coal Trade Wagons by Len TavenderISBN 0 9510987 1 3LT

Private Owners on the Cambrian by Mike LloydISBN  978 0952726715ML

Private-Owner Wagons (Specialist Booklets No.11) by Peter MatthewsISBN  9780852423431PM

British Goods Wagons from 1897 to the Present Day [1969]

By R.J. Essery, D.P. Rowland & W.O. SteelISBN(?)7153 4739XRE

Petroleum Rail Tank Wagons of Britain by Richard TourretISBN 978 0 905878 09 6RT

British Railway Private Owner Tank Wagons by Richard TourretISBN 978 1 900298179RT2

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