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1957 35 ton tankerRT31RT2/28

1958 35 ton tankerRT32

1966 bitumen tankerRT2/33

Evans & Bevan Ltd [Neath]  AT3     BH1/108KM/80KT4/121KT5/181*       KT7/151*ML36

Evans, Adlard & Co. Ltd [Winchcombe, Gloucs]IP2/116

D. Evans [Llanymynech]ML12*

D. Robert Evans & Hughes [Swansea]KM/80

Harry D. Evans & Rogers [Llanelly & Swansea]KM/80KT4/154KT7/151*

John Evans [Newtown, Powys]BH5/29ML23*

Richard Evans [Machynlleth]ML20*

W. Evans [Whitney-on-Wye]KM/81

A. T. Everitt & Co. [West Kensington, London]KT1/57

Samuel Evers & Sons [Stourbridge]KM/81KT2/58

Eveson [Barnsley]AT3

G. J. Eveson [Stourbridge]CS/68*KM/81

Evesons (Coal) Ltd [‘EVESON’] [Birmingham]BH3/72CS/70KT2/58 KT3/113      KT5/174KT8/152*

A. Evinson [Kelty, Fife]AT2

Thomas Excell & Co. [Nailsworth, Gloucs]IP2/190*

The Executors of John Hargreaves Ltd – see Hargreaves

Exeter Gas Light & Coke Company


Exhall Colliery [nr Coventry]             KT5/78     KT8/154*

John Facer & Son [Luton]   AT1KT1/58

W. Fairclough [Blackpool]BH1/53

J. Fairweather & Son [Peterborough]AT1

Falcon Wagon & Coal Co. Ltd [Cardiff]AT3

Falk Salt [Salt Union] [Winsford CLC] [van]PM/11

T.W. Farmer Jnr. [Shoreditch]BH1/80

The Farmers, Lime, Coal & General Supply Co. [sic]


John Farmiloe [Nailsworth, Gloucs]IP2/190*

W & J. Farish [Chester]KM/81

A.C. Farnworth & Sons [Preston]BH4/78

W.D. Farrar [also ‘FARRAR’][Cheltenham, Stroud,

Cirencester, Leckhampton etc] IP2/78IP2/132KM/82

[Mention of Gloucester office IP2/61*]

William D. Faulkner [Stratfotd on Avon]KM/82

F B – see Fountain & Burnley Ltd

Fear Bros Ltd  [Staines]KT3/42KT7/141

Felinfoel Brewery [nr Llanelly]KM/82KT3/62

Felinfran Colliery Co. Ltd [Swansea]AT2KT2/76

Felixtowe Railway & Pier Co. [‘F.R & P. Co.’]KM/81

Arthur Fellows [Rotherham]BH4/63

Ferens & Love Cornsay Colliery & Brickworks

[Cornsay, County Durham] CS/118 [small part view]

Fernhill Collieries Ltd [‘FERNHILL’] [Cardiff]AT3AW/151KM/82KT/3/frontispieceKT8/75

Ffrith Colliery Company [Ffryth]ML36*

Field [Bristol]IP3/45*

Field & Mackay [Ludlow]AT1KT3/33

George Field & Son [Lower Sydenham, London]BH4/5

W.R. Field & Co. [Newent, Gloucs]IP2/236*

Fielding & Platt [Gloucester]IP2/22

The Fife Coal Co. Ltd [Leven]BH4/99

Fina [London] [Tankers, from 1948]               RT156&c

E. Finch & Co. [unknown]IP1/147*

H. Finch & Son [Andoversford, Gloucs] BH5/29IP2/127KM/82

William J. Finch [Andoversford, Gloucs]IP2/128

Firbeck Colliery [‘FIRBECK’] [nr Rotherham]AT3

Firestone Tyres – see Milner Thomas & Co. Ltd

J.D. Firmston & Co. [Richmond, Surrey]BH4/6

The First Garden City Ltd [Letchworth]KT1/58

Fishponds Coal Co. [Bristol]IP3/45*

Fisons Fertiliser [[Unknown] [Modern tanker]RT2/32

FLEETWOOD FISH – see The Clifton Steam Trawlers Co. Ltd

Fletcher Burrows & Co. [‘ATHERTON’]

[Atherton, Lancs]AW/60KT8/78LT32

Flimby Colliery Co. [Cumbria]BH5/20

A.J. Flint – see Trent Oil Products Ltd

Flockton Coal Co. Ltd [Wakefield]BH1/32

Florence Coal & Iron Co. Ltd [Longton, Stoke on Trent]BH2/96


Flour Mill Colliery Co. [Forest of Dean]IP1/146*

Flower & Sons, Ltd [Stratford on Avon]KM/83KT3/43KT5/177*KT8/153*

A. Flowers & Co Ltd [Portsmouth]BH4/19

Forbes, Abbott & Lennard [possibly Kingston, Kent]

[c1887 acid tank wagon]RE/102

P.A. Ford [Lechlade, Gloucs]IP2/142*

S. H. Fordham & Co. [Baldock, Herts]KT5/80

Forest Coal Co. [Forest of Dean, Gloucs]IP2/231*

Forest of Dean Coal Co. [unknown]IP3/122*

Forest of Dean Coal Merchants listed from 1876 – 1939

[NB – this is purely a list of names and locations

of those not dealt with individually elsewhere in

the book]IP1/107

Forest of Dean Iron Co. [Parkend, Gloucs]IP1/159*

The Forest of Dean Iron & Steel Co. Ltd [unknown]IP1/162*

Forest of Dean Mining Co. Ltd [Parkend area, Gloucs]IP1/146*

Forest of Dean Stone Firms [Gloucs, unspecified]IP1/151*IP3/122*

Forest Rock Granite Co. (Leicestershire) Ltd [nr Whitwick]AT2

Forest Steam Coal Co. [Gloucester]IP1/43

Forrest & Co. [Southport]AW/82

Fosdick [Ipswich]AT1BH5/71[distant view]

Foster Bros. [Carlisle]PM/38

Foster Bros. [Gloucester]IP2/22*

Foster Yeoman Ltd [Wells, Somerset]AT1BH3/107

E. Foster & Co. [London]              BH1/81    KT6/58   KT7/159*

John G. Foster [Montpelier, Bristol]IP3/46*

S.G. Foster [Thame]KM/83

Fothergill Brothers [Exeter] [Tanker]BH2/124

Fountain & Burnley Ltd [‘F B’] [Barnsley]AT3

BH5/72 [poor view]

John Fowler & Co [Burchill nr Hereford]IP1/147*KM/83

Thomas Fowler [Cheltenham]IP2/81KM/83

W. Fowler [Norwich]BH5/86*

Fox [‘FOX’] [Samuel Fox & Co. Ltd] [Derby]AT2BH1/6LT42

F. Fox & Partners [Derby]    BH1/6KT5/81KT7/154

Foxes Bridge Colliery [nr Lydney, Forest of Dean]IP1/32IP2/231*

Foxfield Colliery [Dilhorne nr Cheadle]ML37

Frampton Haemetite Mining Co. [Yate, Gloucs]IP2/222KM/84

Henry Francis [Ridgmont, Beds]KT6/64

Franklin [‘FRANKLIN’] [Bedford]AT3CS/60

Franklin & Son [Biggleswade, Bedfordshire]      KT2/60    KT8/152*

Charles Franklin [Bedford]              KT3/44    KT8/153*

Ernest Franklin [Culham, Oxon]KM/84

Fraser, Ricketts & Co. [Liverpool]KM/84

Freightliner Heavy Haul [Humberside & elsewhere]

[Modern tankers]RT161*

Fremlin Brothers [Maidstone] [Box van]CS/82KM/84

The French Anthracite Co. [Swansea] – see also CaerbrynKM/85KT4/47

Bernard T. Frost [Witney, Oxon]        IP2/141 KM/frontispieceKT6/64

W. H. Fryer [Milkwall, Gloucs]IP1/163*IP2/231*

Alfred J. Fudge [Bristol]IP3/46*

Herbert J. Fudge [Bristol]IP3/47*

H Fulcher [Norwich]BH1/66PM/32

Fulton & Co. Ltd. [London]  AT1KT2/61

Furnace Hill & Renshaw Park Collieries

[‘RENISHAW PARK’] [Eckington nr Sheffield]

AT3 [under ‘R’]

Fussell Bros [West Ealing, London]KT8/80

Sidney Fussell [Bitton & Warmley, nr Bristol]IP3/119*

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