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‘G’ – see Edward Adlington

Isaiah Gadd [later ‘& Co. Ltd’] [Wokingham, Berks]KM/85KT6/66

Container [‘Lift Van’] for wagon mounting [1897]RE/92

J. W. Gadsden & Co. Ltd [Vauxhall nr Birmingham]KT8/81

S. M. Gael & Co. [Bristol]IP3/47*

C & F Gaen [Port Talbot]KM/85

Gamman Son & Carter [London]KM/85

Gann & Brown [Whitstable on Sea]AT1KT6/69

C. E. Gardner [Norwich]AT2KT2/64

W. T. Garlick & Co. [Bristol]IP3/47*

Garston & District Co-operative Society Ltd

[Garston, Lancs]AW/81

Garswood Coal & Iron Co. Ltd [also ‘Garswood Hall’

& ‘Park Lane Wigan’ & others] [Wigan]AT2AW/97KM/85KT8/81

Garth & Co. [Rhiwderin]KM/86

Garth Collieries Ltd [Swansea]AT3KT6/70

Garth Merthyr Colliery [Maesteg]PM/13

W. H. Garton & Co. [Grantham]BH5/80

Gas Company [‘GAS COMPANY’] [Penistone]

– see Penistone & District Gas Company

‘Gas For Economy’ – see Birkenhead Gas Works

The Gas Light & Coke Co. [Southall, London]BH3/96

Gas Lighting Improvement Co. Ltd [also Glico]

   [‘CARBURINE MOTOR SPIRIT’] [London] [Tankers]RT161


G. Gay & Sons [unknown]IP1/147*

GCG – see Gwaun-Cae-Gurwen Colliery Co. Ltd

Gedling [Colliery] [Notts]  – see Digby Colliery Co.

Frank Gegg & Co. [Cirencester]IP2/137

E. R. Gell [King’s Norton, Birmingham] KM/frontispieceKT6/71

Gellyceidrim Collieries Co. Ltd [Swansea]KM/86KT2/65KT4/178

Gellyonen Collieries Ltd [Swansea]KM/86

General Coal Supply Co. Ltd [‘GENERAL’] [Grimsby]AT2

General Electric Rail Services [‘GERS’] West Wales]

[modern tankers]RT163

General Petroleum Co. Ltd [[LT&SR area] [Tanker]AC83RT163 [same photo]

General Refractories Ltd [Sheffield]AT1

George & Matthews [Wolverhampton]KM/86KT6/72

P.[erveur] V. George [Gloucester]IP2/24*

T. George & Sons [Gloucester]IP2/23IP3/124*KM/86

W.C. Gethen [Hereford]IP1/133

Gething & Grice [London]BH5/63

H. Gilbert & Son [Birmingham]BH4/31

W. Gilbertson & Co. Ltd [Pontardawe]AT1

Gilwen Colliery [Swansea]KM/87KT4/62

Gittings & Sons [Barton Station, Hereford]KM/87

G K B [Jersey Marine, GWR. S. Wales]AT2

Glan-Garnant Colliery [Garnant, Wales]KM/87KT1/59KT4/179

Glanamman Anthracite Collieries Ltd [Swansea] KT4/127

Glasbrook Brothers Ltd [also John Glasbrook] [Swansea]AT1KM/87KT7/46RE/57

Glascote Colliery Co. Ltd [Tamworth]AT3

Glasgow Iron & Steel Co. Ltd [Wishaw]AT1

Glass Houghton & Castleford Collieries Ltd [nr Pontefract]AT3BH5/78 [part view]KT8/85

Glebe Colliery [Fenton, Stoke-on-Trent]ML37

Glenavon Garw Collieries Ltd [‘GLENAVON’] [Port Talbot] AT3/front cover   AT3KT6/72     KT7/157*

Glengarnock Chemical Co [nr Glasgow] [Tanker]RT2/16

Glenhafod [Port Talbot]BH1/109

Glico Petroleum Co. Ltd – see Gas Lighting Improvement Co. Ltd

GLM [Aberdare]LT53

GLOBE 3A [Tanker] – see Corn Products Co. Ltd

Gloucester Co-operative & Industrial Society Ltd IP2/25IP3/124*

Gloucester Co-operative Society Ltd KM/88

Gloucester Corporation [Corporation of Gloucester]IP2/28

Electricity DeptIP1/130IP2/29

[The] [Gloucester] Direct Coal Supply Co.IP2/30

[Mention of Cheltenham depot IP2/107*]

Gloucester Foundry Ltd IP2/33

Gloucester Gas Light Company    IP1/129IP2/34KT1/61

Gloucester Highways BoardIP2/36*

Gloucester National Filling FactoryIP2/36*

Gloucester Railway Carriage & Wagon Co. Ltd CS/83IP1/147*


–  Employees’ Coal ClubKT2/36*

Gloucester Railwaymen’s Direct Coal Supply AssociationIP2/40

Gloucester Urban Sanitary AuthorityIP2/36*

Gloucester Wagon CompanyLtdKM/87

Gloucestershire CouncilIP2/42

Glovegrove [‘GLOVEGROVE’] [Wirksworth, Derbys]BH5/81

James Glover Ltd [Bingley]BH2/ii

Glyncoch Colliery [J & D. W. John] [Glamorgan]AT1

Glyncoed Collieries Ltd [Llanelly]BH2/125

Glyncorrwg Colliery Co. Ltd [Briton Ferry, then Cardiff]KM/88KT2/67KT4/181

Glynea & Castle Coal & Brick Co. Ltd [Llanelly]Bh2/126

Golden Valley Paper Mills [Bitton, S. Gloucs]IP3/120

Goldendale Iron Co. [Stoke on Trent]AW/52

Goldthorpe Colliery [nr Rotherham]

– see also Henry Lodge LtdAT2     AW/127KT8/88

Gollop & Ridler [Lydney, Gloucs]IP1/145*IP2/231*

Goodland(s) Ltd [Taunton]BH4/introductionIP1/147*

Goold & Son [Oxford]KM/88

Goold Bros [Soudley Furnace, Forest of Dean, Gloucs]IP2/232*

Alfred Goold & Co. [Forest of Dean, Gloucs]IP2/232*IP3/122*

W.T. Goolden & Co. [London]KM/88

Goole Co-operative Society LtdAT1

John Gore [Cardiff]KM/88

Gortac Ltd [‘GORTAC’] [Manchester]AT3

John Gosling [Gloucester] [wagon ownership unknown]IP2/61*

D. V. Gostick [Bradford]KT5/89

Gould & Baker [Bristol]IP3/47*

Gow’s [‘GOW’S’] [London]PM/33

Graham [Cardiff]KM/89

W. Graham-Yooll & Co. [Leith] [Tanker]RT163

Graham’s Navigation [Cardiff]AW/152

Graigola Merthyr Colliery Co. Ltd [Swansea]     AT2KT2/69


Granophast – see British Quarrying Co. Ltd

Granville, Smith & Co. [Bristol]IP3/47*

The Graphite Oils Co. Ltd [‘TRUMULSION’]

[Grimsby] [Tanker]RT163

Grassmoor Colliery Co. [Chesterfield]AT1BH4/54

John Walter Gravenell [Tewkesbury]

[wagon ownership uncertain]IP2/113

Gray Brothers [London]AT1

G. H. Gray [Enfield, Middx]AT1

Robert Gray & Co. [Birmingham]KT8/89

M. & W. Grazebrook Ltd [nr Dudley, W. Mids]BH4/32CS/85*KT6/77KT8/155*

Greasboro’ Coal Co. [Rotherham]AW/130

Great Barr Colliery Co. Ltd – see Hamstead

Great Central Railway [‘G C’]

[built by the Ince Wggon Co for the GCR]AW/172

The Great Grimsby Coal Salt and Tanning Co. Ltd


Great Grimsby Co-operative Society LtdKT3/39

Great Mountain Collieries Co. Ltd [Llanelly]BH2/128KT4/39


Great Western Colliery Co [Lydney, Gloucs]IP2/232*

Great Western Colliery Co. Ltd [Cardiff]KT3/61KT8/89

Great Western Iron Co. [Soudley, Gloucs]IP1/161

Great Western Railway [Tanker to Diagram DD3]  RT165RT2/21

The Great Western Railwaymen’s [sic] Coal Association


Green, Holland & Sons [London]KM/90

George Green [Aberystwyth]ML6*

J.R. Green & Co. [Oxford]KM/90

Greenhill Colliery Co. Ltd [Ochiltree, East Ayrshire]PM/40

Gregory & Co. Ltd [Bristol]IP3/47*

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