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Cyril Gregory [‘GREGORY’] [Kentish Town, London]KM/90KT7/48

Gresford Colliery Co. Ltd [Wrexham]BH3/73

Victor Grey & Co. [Ltd] [Swansea]BH5/80    IP1/124  KT4/155


‘The Greys Brewery. Henley on Thames’ [box van]IP2/163

Griff Collieries [‘GRIFF’] [Nuneaton]AT3BH4/28KT1/62

Griffith Davies & Son [Aberdowey]ML6*

Griffith Thomas [Onllwyn & Swansea]KT4/139

Ernest Griffith [Chester]KM/90

Griffiths [Liverpool]AT3

Griffiths & Jones [Oswestry]ML23*

A.E. Griffiths [Dymock, Gloucs]IP2/236KM/90

William Griffiths [Llanelly]KM/90

Maurice Griffiths Williams [Duffryn]ML8*

Richard Griffiths [Llandinam]ML9*

Grindley & Co. Ltd [London] [Tanker]KT7/49

H. Grist & Co. Ltd [Woodchester, Gloucs]IP2/185

J. Grist & Co. [Dudbridge, Gloucs]IP2/185IP1/147*

Matthew Grist [Woodchester, Gloucs]IP1/136IP2/185KM/91

Groby Granite Co. Ltd [nr Leicester]AT2

Walter Grocock [Gainsborough] – see Walter Boynton

Guest, Keen & Nettlefolds Ltd [Cwmbran Colliery, Newport]

– see also Patent Nut & Bolt Co. LtdKM/91KT8/123

W. A. Guinness [Rathbone Rd Sidings, CLC, Liverpool]BH5/30

Gulf Oil (GB) Ltd [London] [Tankers, old and new]AC94RT165RT2/33[Milford Haven]RT2/59

Oliver J. Gullick [Bristol]IP3/48

S.P. Gunn & Sons [Okehampton]KM/91

Gurnos Anthracite Collieries Co. Ltd [Swansea]  KT4/21   KT8/156

Gwaun-Cae-Gurwen Colliery Co. Ltd [also G C G]KT4/87

Gwaunclawdd Anthracite Collieries Co. Ltd [Abercrave]KT4/67

Gwendraeth Anthracite Collieries Co. Ltd [Swansea]KM/91KT4/50

Thomas Gwilliam [Shortstanding nr Coleford, Gloucs]IP3/122*

H.A. Gwinnell [Cheltenham]IP1/134IP2/83

Haagensen Watt & Co.[Hull]BH5/85*

John Hadfield & Sons [Sheffield] [Tanker]BH2/61RT167

Hafodyrynys [Pontypool]AT3

Haigh Moor Coal Co. Ltd [Crigglestone]BH3/30

Haine & Corry [Gloucester]IP2/43

George Hale & Co. [Birmingham & Dudley]KM/91KT2/71

T. L. Hale (Tipton) Ltd [Dudley Port, later Tipton]KT7/50

George W. Halford [Honeybourne, Gloucs]IP2/119*

Halifax Industrial Society LtdAT1BH5/40

Hall & Co. [Croydon]BH3/98BH4/introductionKT6/78

Hall & Son [Yate, Gloucs]IP2/223*

Hall & Sons (Coal Ltd) [Macclesfield & elsewhere]KT3/45

Hall, Lewis & Co. [Cardiff]BH5/72[poor view]   CS/87KM/91

D. G. Hall & Co. Ltd [Newport, Mon.]AT2

F. J. Hall Ltd [Lichfield]AT1

Henry Hall & Son [Blackpool]AT3

H. Hector Hall [Clifton, Bristol]IP3/50*

Herbert Hall & Son [Cradley Heath]BH2/95

W. Hall & Co. Ltd [unknown]IP1/147*

Wynn Hall [Ruabon]KM/92

Hall’s Collieries Ltd [‘HALL’S’] [Swadlincote, Derbys]AT3KT1/63KT7/140KT8/152*

Halstead Co-operative Society Ltd [Halstead, Essex] AT3

Hamilton Palace Colliery [nr Rothwell, Leeds]AT2

R. T. Hammond [Swansea]KT4/156

Hamstead Colliery [Birmingham]AT1

Hanks & Gwinnell [Cheltenham]IP2/83*IP3/125*

T. S. Hanson [Blyton nr Gainsborough, Lincs]BH5/84*

Hanwood Colliery [nr Shrewsbury]ML37

Happerfields [unknown]IP1/147*

Hard Stone Firms Ltd [Bath]KM/92

Alfred Harding [Gloucester]IP2/44*

Benjamin Harding [Swindon]KM/92

Fred Hardisty [Blackpool]BH2/26

Josiah Hardman [Milton, Staffs]LT46

The Hardwick Colliery Co.Ltd [‘HARDWICK’]

[nr Chesterfield]AT2BH3/62KT3/60

John Hare & Co. [Bristol] [Rectangular tanker]IP3/51RT167

Hargreaves Fuel Oil – see Charrington Fuel Oils Ltd

Hargreaves Colliery Co. Ltd [Accrington]AT1

James Hargreaves & Sons [Leeds]BH2/62

The Executors of John Hargreaves Ltd

[Burnley Collieries] [Burnley]  AW/82BH3/7

W. Harper & Sons [Kilburn, London]AT3

Walter Harper [Dawley, Shrops]KT8/92

Harpers [Southampton]KM/92

The Harrington Coke Ovens [Ltd, of Lowca]BH2/27

Harris & Co. [Woodchester, Gloucs]IP2/187KM/92

Harris Deep Navigation [Cardiff]KM/92

Harris, Jenks & Co. Ltd [Cardiff] – see Roberts, Jenks & Co. Ltd

Alfred G. Harris & Co. Bristol]IP3/51*

S. H. Harris & Co. [Cheltenham]

[Wagon ownership unknown]IP2/107*  

Harrison & Camm Ltd [Rotherham]CS/90

George K. Harrison Ltd [Stourbridge]KM/93

J.& C. Harrison [‘J & C. H’] [London & Cardiff]

– see also Harrisons (London) (1931) LtdCS/92KM/93KT5/90

J. K. Harrison & Co. [St Pancras & Marelebone [sic] ]AT2

T. Harrison & Sons [Hollinwood]BH2/29

William Harrison Limited [Brownhills nr Walsall]  AT1AT2KT8/93

Harrisons (1931) Ltd [Swansea]AT1

Harrisons (London) (1931) Ltd  [London & Cardiff]KT5/90

Harrods [London]AT2

David Harry & Bros. [Llanelly]AW/149

W.H. Hart & Co [Malvern Wells, Worcs]KM/93

W. T. Hartley & Son [Leeds]KT7/52

Hartnell & Son [Taunton & Bishops Lydeard]BH1/98IP1/117

The Harts Hill Iron Co. Ltd [Brierley Hill]

– see also N. Hingley & Sons LtdKM/93KT6/86

T. H. Harvey [Plymouth]BH5/84*

Harwich, Dovercourt & Parkestone Co-op Society [Essex] KT8/96

George Harwood [Birmingham]KT2/74

Harworth Colliery – see Barber-Walker & Co. Ltd

Haslers [Dunmow, nr Braintree, Essex]AT3

Hatfield Main Colliery [Doncaster]BH2/63KT1/64

Hathway [Ryeford, Gloucs]IP2/180

Haunchwood Colliery Co. [Nuneaton]AT3BH3/74KT2/75

Haverhill Urban District Council AT2

A. J. Hawkins & Son [Richmond, Surrey]BH2/112

Joseph Hawkins & Sons Ltd [nr Cannock]

[Cannock Old Coppice Colliery]ML38

T. A. Hawkins & Sons Ltd [Cannock] [COCC, as above]AT1BH2/94

Hawkwell Colliery & Hawkwell Tinplate Works

[nr Cinderford, Gloucs]IP1/144*

Haydock Colliery [St Helens]AT3KT5/94

William Hayes [Northwich]KM/94LT10

Enoch Haythorne Ltd [Heckmondwike]BH3/31

Hayton Refineries (1932) Ltd [London] [Tanker]RT168

Hayward [Colchester]AT3

Haywood & Barton? [name unclear] [Patchway, nr Bristol]IP2/230

Haywood Colliery Co. [Cinderford, Gloucs]IP1/144*IP3/123*

H. Hazell [Streatham]KM/94

Samuel Healing & Sons [Tewkesbury]IP2/113IP3/126*KM/94

Heath [Ipswich]AT3

Samuel Heath Junior [Crewe]KM/94

John Heaton [Ramsbottom & Manchester] AT3BH3/8KT6/79

Henry Heaven [Nailsworth, Gloucs]IP2/190KM/94

Hedleys [Raglan Colliery nr Tondu]KM/94

Heenan & Froud Ltd [Worcester]CS/93

Helwith Bridge Roadstone Quarry Co. [Settle]BH2/64

Hemsworth Colliery [‘HEMSWORTH’] [nr Wakefield]AT3

Thomas H. Henderson [Swansea] CS/157[tiny photo]KT4/71

Hendersons Welsh Anthracite Collieries Ltd [Swansea]KT4/77

Hendy & Company [Bristol]IP3/52KM/95

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